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Starting a Home Based Business Online 4 Reasons Why Now is Better Than Ever

Ryan Ringold

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The internet is an exciting, fast moving, and ever changing marketing medium for building value and delivering content to customers. It has come a long way since its humble beginnings, yet it is still in its infancy and it will be used in the future in ways many of us haven not even considered.


Nowadays, anyone with a strong desire and a will to succeed has an opportunity to capture a small percentage of the billions of dollars being spent online. Affordable marketing tools make it easier to accept sales, track statistics, create websites, follow up with customers, ship products, and build customer loyalty.

Million dollar businesses are being started, built up, and operated from the comfort of one's home regardless of age or prior experience levels.

The internet makes it possible for just about anybody to become successful, and the objective of this book is to deliver information that you can use to achieve success.

Right place at right time

Have you ever wished that you could be at the right place at the right time? Most of us have thought about it at one time or another.

Perhaps you have wished that you could go back in time and buy stock in Microsoft or Google when they started. What if you had the foresight to purchase hundreds of website domain names before the internet became popular like,,,, or You could have sold these names for millions of dollars. Some people made plenty of money doing this.

FACT: You are at a very special time in history. . . right here, right now.

The internet is just getting started and it is in its infancy. The internet has already changed the world. It has changed the way business does business, and it has changed how consumers buy and spend their money. The internet has allowed ordinary people to start extraordinary businesses. It has given people an opportunity to make incredible profits, even from the comfort of their own homes.

Modern Day Gold Rush

Today, opportunities available to home-based business operators can be equated to a modern day Gold Rush.

The prices of computers continue to drop rapidly, while with each new generation of microprocessor chips, their technological capabilities have dramatically improved. Therefore, the equipment needed to operate an online business is minimal- far more affordable than ever before to get started. In fact, you can launch an online business with little more than a PC with a basic internet connection, and an idea for a product or service to sell.

Faster dial up connection speeds, DSL, and broadband Internet connections allow users to surf the web faster than ever. Audio and video are exploding online with these faster speeds, giving users new multimedia experiences.

People from all walks of life and of all ages are becoming computer literate and finding themselves exploring the Internet on their own. People from almost all income levels are finding their way into cyberspace in records numbers, with thousands of new people making their way online every week.

Most of these people, just like you are consumers with major credit cards, checking accounts, and a PayPal account for making online purchases with their computer.

The Internet's fast-growing popularity has made it an attractive and viable marketing tool for companies looking to reach a broad audience of computer users, plus niche markets made up of people with very specific interests, wants, and needs.

The good news is that it hasn't even scratched the surface.

The Explosion of Online Sales

Online shoppers in the United States spent only $7.7 billion in 1998. By the year 2000 that figured almost quadrupled to $28 billion, according to the U. S. Census Bureau.
Since then online retail purchases more than quadrupled again by jumping to over $130 billion in 2007.
In 1999 online purchases made up only .6% of all retail purchases in the US. Today, 3.4% of all retail sales are made on the internet. This is a 567% increase in 8.

Let's put these explosive numbers in perspective: If you owned a home in 1999 that was worth $150,000, then in 2007 it would have been worth $850,500 if it increased by 567%. It would have increased by $700,000 in just 8 years!

Imagine if the price of a $30,000 car increased by 567% over 8 years, then it would sell for $170,100. Could you imagine having to pay another $140,000 for that same car 8 years later?

Consumer spending on the internet is exploding and there is no end in sight. Skeptics claim that shoppers will slow down because of identity theft and credit card fraud.

I say no way.

The numbers prove it.

Online security is increasing. Consumers are more educated with the risks online, and how to avoid falling prey to internet scams.

These numbers will continue to climb with more consumers getting online daily. Online purchases also climb as consumers become more comfortable purchasing online; which results in more frequent transactions from customers and higher dollar volumes spent through internet purchases.

Is it too late for you to get started on the internet with an online, home-based business?

I believe there is no better time. What are you waiting for?

Ryan Ringold is a niche internet marketer who has sold more than $2 million on the internet, while working from home. He is a self-proclaimed “lazy internet marketer" because Ryan's philosophy is to work smarter and not harder. He sets his businesses to run on autopilot so that he can enjoy life and have plenty of freedom. He now teaches others how to make money online, while working from home.

Discover how to make money online with his free $47 ebook at lazy internet marketing or read his blog at Ryan Ringold


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