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Your Own Product Versus Affiliate Products

John Becker

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You want to start a home business. You are willing to put the time and effort into getting this business going. You have already chosen your niche. Now what. Do you have your own product that you want to make available? Are you ready to take the time to make a product and test it and find out if it will sell? You may have an idea for the best product in the world, you may have no doubt that it will sell and you are probably right to some extent, but take it from a newbie in the business. There are so many things that you don't know. It doesn't matter how much you have learned since you started to take on this challenge. Every new site that you check out tries to sell you something else that you didn't know you needed or even imagined possible that it even existed.

If you check all these products out and how long they have been for sale and there website rankings and popularity, you will soon begin to realize that you have only scratched the surface of everything that is available as a resource to make you profitable. If you are not careful, you can become broke quite easily if you start purchasing all these products to make it easier to make money in your business. Before you know it, you are overwhelmed by all kinds of things, products, websites, free and otherwise that are offering you information and advise as to what you need and what you can't do without to make your now minuscule idea of a home business successful.

Well most all of these products and information sources that are coming to light and that you are becoming aware of most probably have a way that you can become affiliated with and that you can make money with, by offering these products for sale on your website. Now instead of you focusing on the product or niche you had in mind, you now start seeing many successful products that you can make very good money at when you start checking out their percentages that these products pay affiliates to promote their products. Now you are off in a whole other direction. You see how small your idea looks compared to all of the enormity of products already for sale.

You obviously have to decide for yourself what path you now want to take, either your own product which you may or may not have well researched and which may or may not be successful when placed on the market. Or you can initially go with, what I consider the easier way, that will allow you to make lots of money without having to develop and test your own product. After you are better familiar with everything involved in making your own product successful, you can launch it after you are already in the black from using the power of affiliate marketing to make you more successful. There are affiliates that will even set up a website for you ready to go with their products and all you have to do is promote the site. All that I am saying is that if you spend a lot of money on your unproven product and it tanks, you will be in less of a position to take another stab at it than if you promote some well established affiliate sites that will pay you pretty handsomely until you can afford to make a splash with your own product. I have been very successful in my three months in this business, by choosing affiliate marketing and will probably launch my own product in a couple more months. To tell you the truth, I may not even go with my own idea, as things are really going good in the path that I have already chosen, and getting better everyday.

If you are having problems figuring out what affiliate sites you would like to market, take your time making a decision. Do some research ( I know it's a dirty word and it means work, but it will payoff in the end). Research will show you the successful and profitable affiliate programs to become involved with and you can soon call yourself successful in your own home business. You can leave your job and start calling your own shots and having the time to spend with family and loved ones as you see fit and not as your former employer wanted it.

John Becker is the owner of a new home business. Like thousands of others looking for a way to work from home, has finally made the jump to financial independence. If you are interested in starting your own home business and having more time to spend with your family or leisure activities, check out this website:


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