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3 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Income From Home


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Are you feeling the crunch of high gas prices or the slowing economy? Maybe you are looking for a way you can stay home with your kids instead of having to have a job. It could even be that you are just looking for some extra money to take a trip or buy some fun new toys.

No matter what the reason if you are like a lot of people you are looking for easy ways to earn extra income and get the money you need. The good news is that thanks to the internet there are more opportunities than ever to bring in more money each month. Here are 3 ideas on how to earn extra income in your spare time to get you started.

Write Articles

Do you have a flair for writing? If so there are quite a few companies out there that will pay you to write articles for them on any range of subjects.

Although there are several places that will buy your articles outright, one of the easiest to work with and most popular is Associated Content. Associated content will either pay you based on the number of visitors your article brings to their website, or you can submit it for upfront payment and an editor will review it and decide if they want to make an upfront offer on it.

Even if you submit your article for upfront payment you will still receive money for all the visitors it brings in for as long as the article is on their website.

The nice thing about this is that the more articles you write the more money you will start to make each month because you will continue to earn money from the visitors they are bringing in month after month.

Sell Your Junk

Do you have a lot of clutter lying around your house? Why not sell it on eBay? Not only will you clear out some space in your house, but you can also earn quite a bit of extra income this way.

Selling on eBay is really easy and it is a great way to reach a huge audience of people. Here are a couple of quick tips to help you get more money for your items when you list them for auction.

First, be sure to take lots of pictures from different angles. Because people can't see what you are selling in person photos will help to put them at ease and make them more likely to bid. Also be sure to write as complete a description of the items as possible including measurements and any flaws or damage that the item may have. Always include the shipping cost in your item listing so people will know how much they should expect to pay upfront.

For larger items that would be difficult to ship you may want to consider listing them on a local classified ads site instead such as Craigslist. By selling larger items locally you can either arrange to deliver the item to the person who buys it or have them come pick it up.

Affiliate Marketing

I know the term “affiliate marketing" may sound a little intimidating, but it's actually a lot easier than it sounds and I believe it is the best way to earn extra income online. In fact, affiliate marketing has allowed me to quit my job and make a very comfortable living from home working part time.

The best parts about working as an affiliate? You don't have to carry any inventory, you don't have to ship products or deal with customer service, you can promote whatever products you want, you can work any hours you want and work as much or as little as you have time for, you can work from anywhere, you don't need a lot of money (or any money, for that matter) to get started, and your earning potential is literally unlimited.

Find out how I quit my job and now work from home thanks to affiliate marketing, learn what it takes to get started and decide if it might be right for you at



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Earn Extra Income From Home - How to Succeed Online
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