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Cash Gifting The Top 10 FAQs

Roxanna Rayburn

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Having done extensive research on cash gifting programs before I became successful with one, I have noticed a lot of the same frequently asked questions (FAQs) are on the minds of many people looking to improve their lives and their cash flow. I jotted down the top 10, as I see them, to share with you.

Does cash gifting really work? I can tell you from personal experience how great it feels to open an envelope full of cash. I can also tell you it feels even better to be able to throw a financial lifeline to others by getting them started in cash gifting.

Is cash gifting legal? Yes. Cash gifting has been practiced by churches, clubs, and individuals for hundreds of years. The U. S. constitution and the Bill of Rights actually protects our right to give gifts. If you live outside the U. S. , check your local laws, but cash gifting is legal and popular in many countries around the world.

Is it a get rich quick scam? No. While cash gifting is probably the fastest way to start receiving money from your internet efforts, be wary of anyone who promises you immediate loads of cash. That being said, new members do often start seeing cash their first week. Not many programs where you sell lotions, energy drinks, or ebooks can say that.

Is cash gifting run by companies? The legitimate programs are not run by companies. They are private communities of members who give to one another and to other members. They are not a “business" or an “investment".

Can I do this part time? Absolutely! That's one of the best parts. You can make your own hours, stay at home, and still help others while receiving gifts yourself.

Will I receive my own website? That answer depends on which program you join. The good programs have websites available for your use. The really good programs have them for your use at no charge.

Can I be successful if I don't know anything about marketing or advertising? Yes indeed. One of the advantages to being involved in cash gifting is the fact that there is not a long learning curve. In fact, the best programs will walk you through advertising step-by-step, actually writing the ads for you and telling you where to place them.

Can I upgrade to a higher level or tier later? Yes. Once you join and start seeing the envelopes coming in at a steady pace, you can use (leverage) some of that cash to upgrade if you wish.

Does it make a difference who I sign up with? This is maybe the most important question to ask. YES. It can make a huge difference who you sign up with. You want to have expert resources available to you when you're starting out. Give yourself that advantage and join with someone who knows what they are doing and will be there when needed. Follow the leader.

How do I get started? That's easy. After you've done your research and are ready to change your life for the better, just visit your favorite cash gifting site and ask for a call back. That's how I got started, and I'm glad I did!

Roxanna Rayburn has been involved in sales and marketing since 1988. She was introduced to cash gifting in late 2007, and heads several active and successful cash gifting teams.


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