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There is a certain sort of person, who surfs the net, and flits butterfly like, from business opportunity to business opportunity, thinking that, somewhere ‘out there’ is a perfect business opportunity that will allow them to sign-up, perhaps pay some money, and then sit back and forget about it, while the money just ‘rolls in. ’


Is it because this is what they are told, when they read the ad-copy on the websites they see?

Is it because there are pictures of folks flopping about on huge fluffy piles of money?

Is there a gif. there of money raining from the heavens like manna?

Some business opportunities will give you a web page or even help you set up a web site. But who will see your web site or page, if you don’t do certain things? NO ONE.

Rationally we all know that the web exists on the hard drives of hosts ‘round the world.

If you have a web site or web page, it lives in its own little file on some host’s hard drive, not ‘out on the web, ’ for anyone to see. No one will see it unless its domain or URL ends up in someone else’s browser somehow. How does this happen? Marketing.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not putting down anyone else’s business opportunities. I’m just trying to debunk this notion that there’s money to be made by signing up for an affiliate program or putting money into a matrix, and then forgetting it.

Don’t take my word for it. It doesn’t matter how much cash is raining down on the picture for whatever it is you sign-up for. Once you sign-up, the stuff you’re reading is suddenly much less glamorous. Why, they’re talking about you referring others, and training and such.

This is good.

What I’m saying here is look beyond the hype, when choosing an affiliate program. Can you really believe claims that say you will get rich from doing nothing? Why would anyone advertise such a thing if it really existed? Wouldn’t they keep it for themselves? Why would they need you? Do you still believe in Santa Clause?

Most affiliate leaders advise choosing a few programs to get involved with and spending the time to really get to know the program. Choose something you would use or are interested in. Take time to read the training they supply. (They do have a training program, don’t they?) What sort of tools are they supplying you with to promote it?

Brian Beshore has been involved with Internet Marketing for several years. He publishes his own Home Business Guide.


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