The Tale of a King and His Wealth

Arun Pal Singh

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Once lived a great king who was getting old and wanted to retire. One day he announced that all his personal wealth would be distributed to the public. However one would have to earn his share as the king did not want the wealth to go to unworthy.

His wealth would be in the seven stories of his palace. One might take whatever one wished, he announced. The word spread fast and people gathered. No one wanted to miss this opportunity of getting rich.

The entrance was opened and people eagerly rushed in. Presented to them were common items of pottery, glass and earth. They checked every place. Nothing else was there. People got disappointed. This was not what they had expected. Many left cursing.

Others decided to try second floor. As they moved there they found things which were costlier but nothing which could be called wealth. Many left again. It was wastage of time after all. The king either had gone mad or played a bad joke

Rest of them pushed themselves to the next level through a passage that was narrower and steeper. Here displayed were some coins of lesser value. Discouraged quite a number left again. I was clear now that the king had really played a joke. There was no wealth to be found.

Few who were encouraged enough resolved to go to further. They had to walk a path harder than previous. Those who could not tread returned. Only a handful reached fourth storey and were rewarded with silver coins.

Joyfully many stuffed and left. Thank God! The day was not wasted on some misadventure. They had come from far. They were tired now. They did not want to go further. They had work at their homes too.

However, ten people decided to go ahead. It was a very difficult journey. The was almost vertical and very rough. Only four could reach next level. Others left, not being able to continue. Those who reached found gold coins in abundance. Two decided to end here and left with gold happily.

Two went further on a path that was almost impossible to walk. They did manage to reach sixth floor. It was a hall full of diamonds of finest quality.

Pleased with this one started filling his bags whereas other went into deep thoughts.

“What happened? You don’t want this" asked the one who was filling.

“I wonder what could be next!"

“What else do you want? This is more than enough for seven lifetimes. Moreover I can’t see any doorway" Other man was astonished.

“But there is one floor left" said the man who was determined and began his search.

“You have gone mad" said other and left with diamonds.

There was actually no door. The man searched every corner but none was to be found. That was until he saw roof and a rope hanging too small to reach. He jumped and failed. He tried repeatedly without success till he could not jump.

There has to be some way, he thought as he lay exhausted. There must be some way.

It was then an idea struck him. He made a heap of diamonds to reach and pulled the rope. A doorway appeared in one of the walls. Beyond that was a beautiful ladder. As he climbed a hand pulled him to seventh floor.

The king himself stood there “Welcome O worthy one! I can retire in peace now"

The man was appointed as king next day.

Nature too offers us a fortune of wealth that we can earn. Everybody wishes to be rich but not all are ready to fully walk the path that leads to. Most of us who start get discouraged by initial unsuccessful attempts and stop. Others remain satisfied with the nickels they are offered and leave the journey.

Rare ones have the determination to find actual wealth.

We can stop at silver or go beyond diamonds.

How far would you go?

Copyright © 2005 Arun Pal Singh

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