Is It Still Possible To Work And Make Money at Home?


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Everyone pretty much falls into two categories;(1) Web masters (those who know everything about web site creation, optimization, and promotion), and (2) the rest of us. Although I have put together a few of my own sites, they are very basic, and I would never claim to be a master! So those of you who are like me fall in the second category, read on!

Anyone heard of online surveys? Work at home moms and dads can earn supplemental, or even a full time income from filling in company surveys. Paid surveys are a means for companies to find out information about their product or service, and some companies will pay as much as $50 per survey, maybe more. Just join a program, and they will hook you up with hundreds of companies that you can apply to.

What is an eBook anyway? An eBook is an electronic clone of your typical paper or hard back novel. But the creation and distribution of the eBook is much easier and cheaper. Can you make money selling your own eBook? You sure can! Decide what you are most passionate and knowledgeable about, and in this high demand informational age, you will find buyers for your eBook . With your computer, a word possessing program (got to have that spell checker), an eBook eCover Creator, and maybe a few other items, you could be well on you way. Find a Work At Home web site or do a Search using the phrase ‘writing and selling your own eBook’ to find more detailed information.

Ebay you say? Selling on eBay is easier than most people think. Just sign up with eBay and Pay Pal, decide what you want to sell, and start your auction. Of course there is a little more to it than that, but no matter what they may say, it's not rocket science. Anyone can learn. Need a product? There are plenty of Wholesalers, Liquidators, Drop Shippers, and oh yea, let's not forget about your eBook. You can sell it on your own store front. You should learn some insider tricks though from those who have been at it for a while, (did some one say eBook?).

Google, what a cool word. We all wish we would've come up with that one! Google offers you two ways to make money. (1) The use of ADWORDS. This is where you basically place an add to sell a product, or to promote your site. PPC (pay per click) means you pay each time someone clicks your add, which was brought up from their search. Before you use this method of advertisement thought, learn what you can from others with more experience using PPC. It can quickly burn a hole in your wallet if your not careful! (2) The use of ADSENSE. Sign up with Google , then you can copy some code, paste it on your site, and you'll have the same PPC adds appear on your site that you see on Google. Someone clicks, you get paid. You can also paste code for a search bar. They search, they click, you make money!

There are many other ways to make money at home, such as some of the more traditional medical billing, secretarial services, and so on. And although we've all heard it a thousand times, and no mater which program or programs you choose, one thing is for certain, if you are to be succeesfull, you must enjoy what your doing!

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