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What can you buy for a dollar a day, maybe a chocolate bar or a can coke or maybe some other perishable items of food.

But what about a car, a holiday or anything else that means a lot to you and your family.

The answer may strike you as odd but a dollar a day can lead to a new house, a new car or financial freedom. It can also give you a helping hand to start a home business.

Let me explain. For the equivalent of a dollar a day you can see yourself on the road to eradicate your financial problems. Maybe to keep up with all your payments on your home and car as well as to afford nice holidays you have to sacrifice time so that you have to work longer to earn more.

However imagine using someone else’s time and money and receiving a monthly residual income. maybe with this knowledge of a constant stream of money coming in you can spend more time with your family or be able to play golf during the week instead of at weekends.

At the beginning I asked you how much you could buy with a dollar, wouldn’t you rather invest that dollar into something worthwhile.

If you belong to a two tiered affiliate program or multi level program marketing you can invest a dollar and get books tapes and leads to help you grow your business.

Now are you beginning to see what you can buy for a dollar a day, can you imagine if just two people from the leads you get for a dollar a day join your business and then each month you recruit two more. Can you also imagine what would happen if the people who join you in your business did the same and recruited two people a month into your downline

Imagine how many people you would have in your business, it would sky rocket.

So the answer to my original question of what can you buy for a dollar is business leads, business books and motivational tapes.

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David Lee Venters is an Affiliate marketing consultant and has been for four years: http://www.davidleeventers.com


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