Expert Virtual Assistants - Their Vital Role in the Success of Speakers and Coaches


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Imagine not having to weed through countless emails and phone messages every day. Imagine that all of your follow-up calls and emails are taken care of. Imagine that your teleclasses are managed for you, so that the only thing you have to do is present them. Now imagine that you have a partner, someone who is looking out for the best interest of your business, and eager to support you in making your business a success. More importantly, imagine having all the time you want to do what it is that you love to do, and what you do best. It’s nice to think about, isn’t it? And it is all possible, by enlisting the services of a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants (VAs) handle functions such as these for their clients, along with countless other tasks. They handle them remotely, from their offices, using the internet, phone, fax, and Instant Messaging. They are entrepreneurs themselves, committed to ensuring the success of their clients’ businesses. VA specialists cater to a specific industry, and have the expertise to handle clients’ tasks that are exclusive to those industries.

Running the administrative aspects of a business is a time-consuming job. Maintaining the everyday functions of the business sometimes leaves little time for performing the core services that speakers and coaches provide. Oftentimes, speakers and coaches, (though obvious experts in their respective fields), are not proficient at administrative functions. This means they require more time in handling everyday functions, leaving less time to focus on what they do best, and what supports their businesses financially.

Business owners sometimes think they can do it all, but they usually can not. Oh, sure, maybe some small business owners enjoy doing all of their own administrative work, while at the same time working on promoting and growing their business, and then also delivering their services. Though, I would bet that they don’t have much time for themselves, or family. They probably even have to turn some clients away because their schedule is packed. And not packed with paying clients, packed with administrative functions. Enlisting the services of a VA is crucial in building and maintaining a successful speaking or coaching business. Handling the everyday administrative functions, the marketing aspects and the detail work of busy professional speakers and coaches is what a VA, more importantly, a speaker and coach specialist VA, does best.

Most business owners wish to continually grow their businesses. Speakers and coaches are hardly the exception. But, how do they do that if they’re spending a lot of time managing their daily operations? They don’t. The marketing and promoting of their business gets pushed to the wayside. This makes it essential to hire a VA. A VA knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. They are experts in managing their clients’ businesses so that they’re consistently moving in the right direction, forward.

Hiring a VA that is an expert in your industry is vital. In the same way we don’t go to a cardiologist to treat a back problem, coaches and speakers shouldn’t hire, say, a Real Estate VA for service and support of their businesses. A VA that supports speakers and coaches understands the industry. They know how to systemize the business, watch for leads, promote the products and/or services, research new opportunities, and of course, handle all the necessary day to day administrative functions.

Wouldn’t we all love to have an assistant right there in our offices? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, what if there isn’t enough work to keep them busy, will we pay them to just sit there? Not just pay them to sit there, but also pay them to have a lunch break, pay them when they call in sick, pay their health insurance, vacation time and taxes. It’s not sounding so great now, that’s for certain. The benefit of hiring a VA is that they are only paid for the hours they work. For example, if the administrative and industry specific work for a certain speaker or coach takes two hours per day to complete, those hours, and only those hours, are billed by their VA.

The Virtual Assistance industry is relatively new, yet gaining great momentum. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are realizing how cost effective it is to outsource administrative and industry-related functions to an expert. In simple terms, if a speaker or coach makes $100 per hour speaking and coaching, and if the average VA’s fee is $30 per hour, yet the coach or speaker spends countless hours per day on administrative tasks as opposed to being out there earning that $100 per hour, isn’t it fair to say that hiring a VA is a huge savings in and of itself? In addition to the obvious financial savings, there is the matter of time savings. The speaker or coach now has more time to provide coaching or presentations, or time to network in person, or time to spend with family, or time do anything they choose.

Donna Toothaker is an expert Virtual Assistant, and is the founder of 1st VA, a successful Virtual Assistant business. With over 15 years of experience in the customer care industry, Donna founded 1st VA so she could provide more personalized services to her clients. Donna specializes in providing support and services to professional speakers and life and business coaches. Donna can be reached by email at . Visit .


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