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Melaleuca has its corporate headquarters in Idaho and was founded over 17 years ago.

They claim that their mission is to create natural products safe for families to use, while making life easier for these families. In reality they create many more horror stories then happy customers.

The Melaleuca line of products includes some 300 items. These items include household cleaners, personal care items, candles, hygiene products, nutritional products and pharmaceuticals.

MomsWIN is the main marketer and seller of Melaleuca's products. The WIN stands for women in net marketing. The MomsWIN group is not allowed to refer to themselves as affiliated with Melaleuca. This is likely do to the many claims against the momsWIN group for practicing in a multilevel marketing (MLM) scandal.

Those who enroll on a wholesale basis with MomsWIN are considered preferred customers. They are then obligated to purchase a minimum number of products each month. The number usually ranges from 8-12 products with a dollar amount in the $45-50 range.

The Melaleuca group defines their marketing though MomsWIN, as consumer direct marketing. In other words, their customers buy a membership into a wholesale club, in exchange, the club pays its marketing executives for their word of mouth referrals.

In reality, you get paid based on the number people you can get to join the wholesale club. The more people you get to join, the higher your monthly salary.

The typical story we have heard from customers warns others to never give any momsWIN group your personal banking information or credit card number unless you are positive you want to join.

Often at information sessions perspective members will be asked for their credit information. The next thing they realize is they are now a member. They check their credit card statement to find they have been charged $50 or more. They then check the mail to find they have been sent a small bottle of shampoo, some laundry detergent, and a bar of soap.

We have also heard complaints from people who have then tried to cancel their membership for months and months without success.

It is very important to do your research before joining such groups. Perform a search in one of the top search engines and see what information you get about the Melaleuca fraud or MomsWIN. This should provide you with enough information to make an educated decision.

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