Realities of Success, Failure, and Working From Home


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Getting Started At Home in Your Very Own Business

First, let me say *congratulations* on deciding to take life into your control.

You are so close to being the richest person in the family, the wealthiest person in your group of friends, the worker all the other slaves will talk about with awe and admiration long after you have retired to become the Boss.

I‘m not kidding.

There is an awesome power contained within you that can shoot you to the stars. It will bring you the wealth, happiness and freedom normally shared by a group of people combined, not usually enjoyed by only ONE.

Does this mean I’m telling you to have more by others having less? Absolutely not!

Most people exist on the scraps and leftovers, not the bounty life intends you to enjoy. But fear pushes them into a half-life. Fear of having less ‘relax’ time, fear of not doing what’s expected of them, fear of trying and failing, fear of hard work.

But don’t you agree. . working for someone else sucks big time?

I really don’t like people telling me what I have to do next or that I didn’t do it well enough or that I can go to lunch in 10 minutes. Life holds so much more than that, why walk to the beat of someone else’s drum?

Once you begin to live the dream of being ‘The Master Of Your Life', you will look at all the other 9 to 5 slaves, toiling away unappreciated to make someone else rich, and shake your head in disbelief.

“Why do they do it? Why do they live life only half achieved, only partially fulfilled?”

Believe me, once you see things from my side of the fence, you won't be able to work for someone else again. I refuse to do it, I won't go back.

Make your dreams come true and you will feel the same, I promise!

Here’s a little about me. .

My name is Murray Hughes and I’ve been building my own business since April 2003. Starting from scratch, with absolutely zero experience, I wasted heaps of dollars and even more time.

But my persistence has paid off and now each and every month, thousands of dollars find their way into my bank account as a direct result of my Internet businesses.

Don’t let “Internet Businesses” put you off. I know after reading that when I first started out, I would have thought – ‘This guy is obviously way out of my league, I mean he’s talking =businesses= for pete’s sake! I just want to add a few hundred dollars to my bottom line. ’

Well let me be the first to tell you I’m no rocket scientist nor some naturally talented business guru. In fact, based on my record I may even be business impaired ;-).

But I do have an abundance of something that will overcome any inadequacies you or anyone else may have.


Being persistent means working hard on a regular basis and not letting any obstacle stop you. Sure some obstacles may slow you down or even bring you to a halt for a period of time, but if you keep working and learning – failure is impossible.

Failure can be reduced to a single split-second moment. . do you know when that is?

It’s the moment you give up.

FAILURE – The decision to give up and QUIT FOR GOOD

Sure, obstacles, or mini-failures, will be frequent. Heck,

nearly everything I have tried online has been a complete flop. But I never for a moment thought of giving up.

Instead, I understood my mini-failure was another way to NOT do things. And often, with a bit of re-thinking and re-application, a mini-failure can be turned around and become a champion.

So let me finish up by saying what my own experience has proved to me

‘Succeeding in your very own business won’t be easy, especially in the beginning. It will take many hours of working and learning. ’


‘If you are truly, really persistent, success in your very own business is 100% inevitable, 100% unavoidable and will be enormous. ’

Imagine your dream, think of it often, smile to yourself in knowing that it is inevitable and start your unhalting march toward it. Its waiting for you to arrive!

Until next time, remember persistence pays off – BIG TIME.

Your Friend,

Murray Hughes
007 Work From Home
Work From Home Businesses

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