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Has there ever been a time in your life journey that you felt “connected"? What does this mean? Does this mean that everything you do is in harmony with the world? Bliss, peace, serenity etc. Why is there a need to understand this?

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I find myself more engaged in a conversation about issue as opposed to the energy analysis of the home. The conversation is centered on issue. This conversation promoted the opportunity for connecting. We are a lonely society. People need to talk, to be heard. My clients felt the need to be heard. Over time, I felt like a Feng Shui therapist. What was intriquing was the story that was told to me. The story had a intended message. Telling a story gave a reason for the client to connect. This process allowed the client to deal with “issue".

"Connecting" through story is an empowering experience. This motivates and heals. Take for instance the Chicken Soup series, stories of ordinary folks that inspire. all of us on this earth have a story to tell.

Stories allow us to “create". This is a deep need. If the story is told by the person, this releases built up pain inside. Has this beautiful art been lost?

Your home is a “story book". It is a metaphor or a direct reflection of your journey, future aspirations, or past pain. There are 3 simple ideas that I present in my seminars that have the intention to connect your spirit to the real world. I like to share this with you.

1. Clear the clutter. There are many books out there that “show you how". Clutter clogs flow, blocks health and money. The key to prosperity is flow, energy (qi) must meander into a home like a river and escape slowly. Give away 5 things a week, I do and I attract good luck at all times. Walter Lubeck in his book “The Tao of Money" talks about this simple concept, if you want to prosper, give things away. Move the old to receive the new. Now I could write a whole book on this, I think I will now that I mentioned this.

2. Create an environment that is beautiful such as vibrant colors in paint, plants, beautiful art and objects. Your home does not have to cost a million dollars to be beautiful. Many of my clients have average houses but for those who feel connected to their home, things around them that inspire beauty speaks for the inside. Beauty is the eye of the beholder they say, a beautiful home = a beautiful spirit.

3. Prosperity in the home and into your life is fully dependent on “flow". Qi (chi) the earth's cosmic breathe is always in a state of creation. A pond of water that does not flow becomes stagant. Moving energy of the dragon is like bringing fortune to the home. That is why straight designs are avoided in the design of the home. All things in nature are round. If these concepts of nature are modelled into the home through the placement of things that generate a meandering flow of energy slowly allowed to exit with no blockages, then the home feels in harmony.

You need to understand that the home is not a place with four walls, it is a sanctuary for harmony and healing. “Bring the angels in and keep the devil out" as Master Joseph Yu once said 2 the 2001 Feng Shui Association Dinner in Toronto, Canada. In other words, the quickest way to become connected is find that home that nurtures the spirit.

Tune in next week for the article “There is an Angel in My Back Pocket" How to rely on your angels in your home.

Eileen F. Egyedy is a Feng Shui Consultant in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In the fall of 2005, Eileen will be launching her new e-book, “Feeling Connected to Your Home" ; inspiring stories of energy. Join my email list to receive your free e-book in September. In exchange, please send to me a story about “feeling connected". It can be a category such as your home, friends, family, pets, job, spirit etc. This is an opportunity for you to share your message to the world. If interested, please email for details about the benefits of this program. My email address is : degyedy @ns. sympatico. ca or visit my web site http://www.atlanticfengshui.com

Hurry for your email. I am accepting 1000 stories for 1000 ebook give away in September 2005.


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