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Darren Hendricks

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Ever dreamed about going to your mailbox and pulling out a fistful of checks? That's the magic of mail order, and to be sure, it's a powerful allure.

Mail order, simply defined, is a way to generate merchandise sales in two ways:

1. By mailing catalogs or other sales tools.

2. By advertising your products, and fulfilling orders via mail.

Mail order is exciting and fun, but it's also a highly competitive, potentially expensive marketing method, and if you don't know the rules of the game it can cost you plenty in terms of time, effort, and money. Mail order is definitely NOT something you want to learn by trial and error. Fortunately, FAR HORIZONS has refined its Mail Order program over the course of several decades to increase your odds of success as much as possible. The catalogs and self-mailers are professionally designed not only to spark orders, but also to enable cost-efficient mailing. Our designers work directly with local postmasters to ensure our designs qualify for cost-saving mailing methods, and our paper style and weight ensures as inexpensive a mailing as possible without compromising picture quality.

Some Things to Keep in Mind About Mail Order:

1. It's one of the most expensive and risky marketing methods to start.

2. It's a numbers game; the more catalogs you send, the more chances for orders.

3. The industry response rate to “prospect lists, " (as opposed to your own custom list), is less than 1 %. Your customer list response rate will probably be higher.

4. The best mailing list is your own.


1. You can do it part-time.

2. You can generate orders all day, every day.

3. You don't have to do any face-to-face selling.

4. You can work all day in your underwear (except when you go to the mailbox!)

5. Your age, gender, education, and physical mobility are not factors that can stop you from succeeding.

6. You can take the day off whenever you want; your catalogs are still out there selling!

Of course, there are no guarantees that you'll succeed in Mail Order. But many have, and you can maximize your chances of success by following the FAR HORIZONS program, and emulating what others have successfully done. Over the years, some members have made a few hundred extra dollars a month through Mail Order. Some, have literally had sales in the millions. Maybe your goal is one of those, or somewhere in-between. It's up to you- and that's the exciting thing about the wonderful world of Mail Order!

Darren Hendricks has been involved in marketing in one form or another since 1979. He has been owner or partner of 3 successful companies in the U. S. and Canada. He is currently owner of Far Horizons , a whosale/resale/drop-ship company.


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