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I hear, read, and have often observed that `disappointment’ and `frustration’ are two very major issues with people trying to make money online by working at home. I think every team leader must be spending more time counseling their down line than any on any other kind of communication with them. I think this can be avoided.

Let’s first accept that anxiety is okay. When we are new in the business and are still learning the ropes, it is but natural to get impatient. Also since we are mostly learning on our own on the net, we are bound to get lost every now and then too. What we should make sure is that we should not let small irritations and anxieties take the form of frustrations etc. It will only delay our success as it will affect our mindset and consequently our work. Let’s keep these 5 practical points in mind: It’s a fact that people are making amazing money on the net. It’s a fact. And a FAct is a FACt is a FACT. Know what I mean? It’s the single most practical, no-nonsense- no frills attached motivating factor.

Success will take time to come. You start to work at home today and will start making money tomorrow is not true. You will make money online and make lots of it but it will take time. After 7-8 months of starting your site and working on it continuously, you will start making money. It will increase twofold or five, depending on your efforts and level of comfort and understanding of the internet and techniques.

Since all the learning has to be done online, on your own, it will require time and patience. You got to learn HTML and SEO. This is basically learning to design and promote your site. A self motivated individual will do much better than someone who needs to be pushed.

Unless we have a perfect understanding of a program or technique and how it will exactly make a difference to our website/work at home business, we should not buy software’s that promise to automate the business or move us up in the Search Engines. Spending too much money on such things and not getting what we want or have assumed we will get, will add to frustration. The people selling those software’s must not be making tall promises but what you have to understand is that “Are you knowledge-wise ready to understand what they are trying to teach?" Get your basics in place. Try to work on your website manually as far as possible. It will make you thorough. Once you know about various facets and are making some money, re-invest and increase your income.

The last point is same as point No.1. Never forget that amazing money making is going on, on the internet. People from all walks of life, from all over the world are engaging in work at home business in tens and thousands. I repeat “It’s the single biggest motivator to keep you going. Every time I interact with successful online entrepreneurs, their enthusiasm and matter of fact-ly approach rubs on me. That is the reason I am making money online and so will you, take the first step of starting to work at home with all the above points in mind.

Purva Mewar is a webmaster of two home business websites Work-at-home-earn-extra-income.com and Yesearnfromhome.com


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