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“I’m new to Internet Marketing, and I want to learn how I can make money by working from my home. Can you tell me how”?

This is the question I hear everyday. It’s even all over the forums. People wanting to start a home business, but don’t know how. I know how they feel because I was there, just a few short months ago.

I even posted on forums asking the same question. I got tips from many different people on ways to start my business, but everyone was different. I had never been so confused.

There are hundreds of e-books you can get that will teach you all the “so called secrets, techniques and tactics” that you need to learn, but you will more than likely go broke, before you even get your first website launched. And talk about “brain overload”, well you will be so confused after reading all that stuff, that you’ll be in worse shape than before you started.

That’s how all the “experts” become rich. They focus on all the new people “newbie’s, as everyone call us” that are where you are now, not knowing where to start, what to do, and especially how to do it.

They feed you sales letters that say things like “Make $50 Thousand your first week”, or “Turn $14 into $500 over and over as many times as you like”. They make it sound so easy, but let me tell you, as I found out for myself, it’s not as easy as it seems”.

The best way to learn is to find a person that has actually made it in the Marketing field, and “Follow that Guru”.

In my case, before I finally decided on a “Guru” to follow, I went to some of the best forums on Internet Marketing and just started reading the post. I was looking for 1 thing in those posts…A name!! A name that everyone was familiar with, that everyone talked about, and who had the respect of all the people in that forum. For me, that name was Corey Rudl. For several weeks, each and everyday, I would go to the forums and ask questions about this man. I had no idea who he was, if he was for real or just wanted my money, or if he was truly interested in helping me succeed in my new online business.

The whole time I was researching him, I never found anyone that had anything bad to say about him. As a matter of fact, he is known as “one of the best Internet Marketing experts in the world”. He specializes in showing anyone how to use the Internet to immediately increase their income using simple, yet highly effective tips, tricks, and techniques. His course, Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet! , is considered to be the best Internet Training Course available anywhere.

There are many Gurus’ out there, and what’s right for one person, may not be right for the other.

What you need to do first is to figure out exactly what you want to do to make money. Then research it. Go to your local library and read up on that Niche (a topic that you are passionate about, know a lot about, and that other people want to learn about). After all, that’s what the Internet is all about. INFORMATION!

Once you’ve done that, find someone whom you respect and trust, and listen to and follow their advice. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either. Most of the Gurus will help you anyway they can. But don’t ask them to tell you all of their “little secrets”, cause that’ll be like “getting blood from a turnip”; it ain’t gonna happen!!

Questions like, “How did you get started”, or “How can I get more traffic”, will have no problem getting an answer. Ask about some of their strategies and tactics. Buy their courses, if they have one to offer, and study it over and over. They will put “little hints” in there, and the more you read the easier it will be to spot them.

OK now, don’t go out and hunt down every Guru you can find and ask them to be your mentor. Just find 1 or 2 and learn all you can about them. Read whatever you can and then put a little of his and a little of hers together to make your own. If you choose more than 2, you’ll be right back where you were to start with. With a “duh” look on your face.

This can save lots of time on your part, avoids confusion, and gives you a good place to start.

Once your “creative juices” start flowing, there’s no idea what you might come up with. Be creative; don’t just follow them step by step. Add some of “YOU” in there with it. You might be surprised as to what turns up.

I ended up starting my own website, geared toward people who want to own their own Home Based Business.

©2005 Lavonda Thigpen, All Rights Reserved

Lavonda Thigpen worked in Advertising for 15 years. She got tired of working for someone else so she “Fired he Boss" and “Hired her Family", and never looked back. She had always wanted to own her own business, and work from home. That's what she did. She started a website in order to help people that were just like her. Starting a home based business. If your looking for a way to start your own home business, go to the her site for more information, articles, links, ebooks and products to find what's right for you.


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