Home Business Opportunity For Couples: A Recipe for Success... or Separation?


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Even for happy and compatible couples, maintaining a healthy relationship can be hard work at the best of times.

But if partnering to run a home business is added to the mix, is it likely to result in conflict?

That depends, say the experts, on a number of factors. Here are some tips for keeping harmony at home and in the home office:

Tips for Couples Considering a Work at Home Business Opportunity

  • Carefully define each partner’s role
From the outset, sit down together and write out a business plan that includes clearly defined roles for each of you. Think about what each of you does best and then decide together who does what.
  • Think partner, not employee!
If one of you is used to being the boss at work, be careful this dominant role doesn’t play out in your home business…unless that’s how you both want it.
  • Respect each other’s ways of doing things
While you may not like certain methods in the way your partner conducts business, unless it’s a biggie, try not to inflict your business style or work habits on your spouse. Chances are you wouldn’t do it to a coworker so don’t do it to your soulmate who happens to be your workmate.
  • Have your own work stations
When it comes to personal space, we’re all a bit territorial, and that includes where we work and how we organize our clutter. Even better, if possible, have separate offices. That way, when you’re on the line with clients, background chatter doesn’t make it sound like a call center!
  • Be careful to share household and family duties fairly
If in the past, while you were out taking care of business, your spouse looked after the home and family. Once you become workmates, however, sharing childcare and household responsibilities will be a necessity in order to keep harmony in the house.
  • Don’t let work become the only thing you share
Business is about competing but a personal relationship is about love. Make sure you include “give a little love and affection" to that daily to-do list.

Just as not all relationships and marriages survive, the pressures of working and living together can sometimes spell trouble for couples. But, for every couple who decides against starting a business partnership, there is a happy pair successfully sharing a work at home business opportunity. Only you and your partner can decide if you have what it takes to find success together.

Together, you might just find the motivation to make it work!

Mary Maplegate is a freelance writer, working from her home in Ontario, Canada. She is a contributing writer to Work From Home Planet as well as numerous other online sites and offline publications.

I grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.


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