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Like most of us you have heard that the key to generating revenue from your website is tied to keywords and content—lots and lots of content! So every day you invest hours or perhaps even hard cash in the form of outsourcing to increase the content on your site. Search Engine Optimization is all the rage these days but there is only one thing you really need to remember—the bottom line!

Remember why you wanted to start a website in the first place? Profits!

This is business, not a popularity contest. One must calculate the amount of hours or money put into a website and the resulting profits. No matter how much time or money you invest, there will always come a point of diminishing returns. Whereas a hundred hours of investment might well yield you a monthly profit of $1200, two hundred hours poured into that same website may only bring you $1500! You just went from making $12/hour down to $7.50 and if this were a corporation the shareholders would be screaming for your head. If profits remain your ultimate goal then there really is only one way to go—lots of websites!

I am not talking about a lot of websites selling the same or even similar products or services. Actually, casting a broader net and promoting a whole range of vastly different products increases your chances of snaring a higher per-site profit. If you think about it this really does make sense because there will only be a limited number of people buying glassware irrespective of the amount of sites they have to choose from.

The size of your potential market increases with the addition of each separate product or service! So, while cornering the market on glassware might net you $10,000 per month you only need a fraction of the market in five diverse markets to yield the same profit!

Thus, if profits remain the reason behind all of your hard work, start thinking outside the single product or service mode and diversify because in the long run you will lose out to the person that offers a range of products or services. Diversify today!

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