Are You In The Right Business?

Laurie Hayes

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In 1910, a brilliant and truly enlightened man by the name of Wallace D. Wattles wrote a book called, “The Science of Getting Rich. " This book has been a guiding light for many of today's most successful entrepreneurs including the founders of Nightingale-Conant, world-renowned for their publications focusing on self-improvement and human potential; Bob Proctor, a world leader in the area of personal development, and many, many others.

In his book, Wattles shared the philosophy that in order to be successful in a particular business, it is important that you possess well-developed abilities required for that business.

Not only are these abilities required, but knowing how to use them in the right way is also required. There are many business owners out there with the right technical and mechanical abilities, but they still fail because they don't know how to use their abilities or “tools" the right way.

Some business owners have the right mechanical abilities but lack the required “mental" tools.

What this means is, you may have all of the physical or technical abilities required to function in a particular business, but you must also have a desire, passion, and true interest in what you do.

When one has a strong desire to pursue a certain field of endeavor, but doesn't have all of the physical “tools" to succeed, her passion can motivate and inspire her to learn the skills and abilities she needs. With desire, passion and the necessary tools, she can create the success she deserves.

But when one has the skills and abilities to perform the required functions, but doesn't have the desire or passion or love for the job, she is much less inclined to succeed or achieve any level of desired wealth through that endeavor.

You have the right to be, do and have everything your heart desires and if you feel you are not in the right business or vocation, do not allow yourself to be sentenced to your current lot in life.

If you feel you are not being true to yourself, do not rush to make a change or make impulse decisions. Use this realization as an opportunity for growth and understand that you don't have to rush to find your “place" in this life or in your business niche.

Your place is reserved especially for you.

Take time to contemplate your current position and consider what really matters to you. What do you really desire? What are you really passionate about?

Once you identify what really makes your heart “sing, " hold that picture indelibly in your mind and start working towards it. Take your focus off of what you don't want and never ever lose sight of your dream.

As you work towards making your dream a reality, and as you maintain a belief in yourself and your right to claim your true place, opportunities will come to you unexpectedly and in abundance.

If you start to waiver or lose confidence, stop yourself, refocus your intentions and your thoughts, reaffirm your belief in realizing your goal, and be grateful that you will realize it.

If you are in the “right" business, good for you! Have fun, be grateful, and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

If you are not in the right business, don't lose heart. This realization is just what you need to move you in the direction you need to go.

Laurie Hayes, founder and visionary behind The HBB Source™ helps government and corporate employees break free of their jobs to live their dream of entrepreneurship. To subscribe to her FREE e-zine for valuable resources designed to create business success, visit


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