You Could Fail 95% Of the Time and Still Become Financially Successful

Mike Makler

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What is the biggest reason most people do not start a Business. Fear of failure? What if a business existed where you could Fail 95% of the Time and still be hugely Successful? Would you still be afraid to fail? Most people would probably want to hurry up and fail.

Network Marketing is one of the few businesses Models that actually rewards failure. It may in fact be the only business model that rewards failure. The big key with network marketing is to fail, fail, fail and finally succeed. You can fail 95 times out of 100 with network marketing and become financially secure within one year.

Here is a very conservative example. Anyone can contact 10 People a day. These People can be from your warm list or just people you see on an elevator or at a food court. So if you contact 10 people a day everyday you would actually contact 300 people in a month. Out of those 300 people if only 5% Agreed to attend a Meeting, Visit a Web Site or sit in on a conference call that would be 45 ‘Live Prospects a Months’ Now out of those 45 Live Prospects if only 5 People Signed up a Month at the end of the year that would leave you with 60 team members.

The 80/20 Rule states that 20% of the People earn 80% of the Money. So if only 1 new Person a Month (20% of 5 =1) duplicates your success you would now have 330 people in your 2nd level, and 275 People in your third level and over 1300 people down 7 Levels. Now if each person on average is worth $5 a Month commission you would have over $6500 a month in income after only 1 year of failing 95% of the time.

How many business do you know where you could fail 95% of the time and still be earning over $6,000 a month after 1 year. How much could you earn if you spoke with 20 or 30 people a day (12,000 a month, 18,000 a month).

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