10 Reasons a Young Family Should Have an Ebay Business

Mike Makler

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Many young families are looking for ways to earn Extra Money. Even 2 income families often find themselves strapped for cash. Ebay is the Perfect Solution for the young Growing family.

1 - Low Start Up Cost's

You can get started selling on EBay with virtually no out of pocket money. Many people just sell their 2nd hand Junk.

  • Cloths Children outgrew
  • Toys your children never play with
  • That old laptop computer.
  • That ugly bridesmaid dress that you still can't belive she made you wear
  • Ebay truly is the world's largest garage sale

2 - Risk Free

Since you don't need a large investment and you can start off by selling your old junk and then perhaps things you buy at closeout sales their is no risk.

3 - Very Easy to Start

You can take a class online at EBay University that teaches you everything you need to know to get started selling on Ebay.

4 - Very Easy to Run

You can list an item for sale on Ebay in less then 15 Minutes. At the close of auction after you have been paid You can then go to a package stores like ‘the UPS Store’ or ‘Fedex Kinkos’ and they will pack and Ship the item for you.

As you get more sophisticated you can use a drop shipper. You just Fax or e-mail them your customer information and they do all the shipping.

5 - Start Today

You can literally be in busy today if you want.

6 - Flexible Hours

You can work your Ebay Business any time of the night or day. You can work your Ebay Business Full Time, Part Time or Some time. If you need to take off for a week, a month or even a year or more your Ebay Business will be patiently waiting for you when you return.

7 - Tax Deductible

You should consult with your tax advisor but as a business owner you may have extra tax advantages.

7 - The Whole Family Can Participate

The whole family can be involved. Young Children can check the e-mail account and see if any Auctions Closed. As the children get older they can leave feedback, help with the page design.

8 - Teach Values

You can teach your children values. By helping you run the business and watching you earn money they learn that money really doesn't grow on trees. You can even help them list those old CD's or Video Games and allow them to keep some or all of the money.

9 - Legacy

As your children get older they can follow your example and have their own Ebay Business. Wouldn't it be better to start them in an Ebay Business of their own and allow them to keep some of the money as an Allowance and put the rest in a college fund or house Down Payment Fund.

10 - Money

Extra Money wasn't that why we started this business to begin with!

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