10 Steps To Getting It Right First Time - Prepare, Plan, and Be Successful

Andrew Gowans

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Running a Home Business?or Want To?

Ask yourself. . .
Can I be more effective?
Do I need to improve my business focus?
Do I know what's working and what isn't?
Am I really ready to run with my business idea?

Effective planning and research will help you tremendously.

Unfortunately, it's all too easy to get deflected and distracted, especially on the ‘net. Without really understanding what it's all about, can lead to frustration and disappointment.

Take your time and plan things out first, decide how you will monitor your success, decide how you'll improve what you will need to improve; you'll find that YOUR business will run much more smoothly that way.

BUT, promise me, you will avoid “Analysis Paralysis" at all costs.

Check out these tips, they will definitely help you to focus on what's important. . .

10 Steps To Getting It Right First Time


What specialist skills, knowledge do you have?
What is your chosen area of expertise?
Where, do you know, you can add value?
What can you offer that few others can?

Begin to prepare but don't complete your outline business plan.

Be prepared to rethink things through based on your analysis AND PLEASE, do not ignore your research results.


Please don't dismiss the power of this. See it, feel it, be able to explain it clearly to others.

YOUR vision is where you want to be, how you'll get there, and what it looks like once you are there.

A clear vision helps us stay motivated, helps us to get others to understand and support us, especially when times are not as good as we would wish them to be.


If you don't know where you want to go, how will you know you are getting there?

Based on your Vision and your Outline Plan, you now need to set clear, specific goals which are achievable but challenging. Moreover, you must be able to measure your progress in reaching each of the goals you have set.

4. ACT

No point of having a plan and set of goals if we don't do anything with them.

Don't laugh, it happens!

Whatever your goals are, start working towards achieving them - maybe your first goal is to raise finance, maybe it's to work out a schedule, maybe it's to get additional resources you'll need, whatever it is start DOING.


I sincerely hope that you start to earn income from your chosen venture in as short a time as possible.

There is an inherent danger here though - don't be lulled into thinking I'm doing everything right.

Remember your well-defined measures, learn to get into the habit of checking these regularly and often. Monitor your progress.

If you don't have ‘continuous improvement’ as one of your goals, add it NOW!

If your measures aren't right, change them. If your measures tell you your plan isn't right, throw your ego in the trash can and change your plan.

Learn to stay ahead of your competition, do you need new resources, new techniques, do you need to seek other complimentary opportunities? what are your competitors up to now?


You must invest time into your home based business. It won't just happen, no matter what you read on the ‘net.

If you don't have the time to invest, your Vision, your Dream, your business, will not succeed.

Set up a daily, weekly schedule (make this another one of your goals)to work on your business.

Just as important, explain your plan, tell people that matter what your schedule is, get them to help and support especially in the early days. This will pay dividends all round!

7. SET (and if necessary AGREE)YOUR BUDGET

Only you know how much you can invest. TIME and MONEY. I know how easy it is to be ‘encouraged’ to sign up for everything you see. Boring as it is, monitor your spending in line with your goals. Let your business grow as it needs to.

If your income exceeds all expectations - GREAT - revisit your goals, reset your measures.

Don't start your home based business with additional expenses which were not budgeted for or have to be explained; be sure you are able to meet all your costs and stay within your budget.


This is kind of an extension to number 5. What better way to grow and learn as well as being recognized is there than joining relevant FORUMS? Make sure they are relevant to you and your business.

If you need to ask questions, ask them, If you can make a real contribution, make it. The more value you add to others and their businesses, the more you will be recognized and the more your business will grow. This is a MUST!

Search for real ‘value-adding’ e-zines and newsletters. Subscribe to them, keep learning, keep contributing, keep growing.


Not always easy, I know. But this one speaks for itself. It keeps the momentum going. It definitely helps us deal with the problems when they arise. To steal a very famous phrase ‘Just Do It’.

Let's put it another way. . . Without it, your success is going to be very limited.


This is the beautiful result of the other 9!

Staying focused, following the plan, continuously improving your business, achieving your goals and aspirations for yourself and those that matter to you - what can I say?

Sleep well, dream of your vision, and prosper as only YOU can.

Reach for the stars but keep that one foot on the ground!

Andrew has over 20 years experience providing personal and business coaching specialising in strategic planning, continuous improvement, personal development and lifelong learning.

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