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When it comes to starting a home business, some people always seem to know exactly what type of business they want to start, however, they just cannot bring themselves to take action and get started. They use excuses to justify their procrastination…

Then in sheer contrast, there are those who take action and get started. Consider Henry Ford for example, he knew exactly what type of business he wanted to start, and he took action and started it. He did not allow excuses to get in his way, and procrastination, it was not even in his vocabulary. You see, Mr. Ford had learned to recognize the fundamental principle that with persistent will come success, and that excuses always recede in its presence.

The lesson was taught to Mr. Ford while still a young boy. He was presented the story of how nature applies sustained pressure (persistence) to form or produce a diamond from coal. From that lesson, Mr. Ford deduced that he too, by applying the same principle of persistence, could form or produce his own diamond in his chosen occupation. Can you imagine where the automobile industry might be today were it not for Henry Ford and other like-minded individuals who followed his pattern.

Many of us could take a lesson from Mr. Ford about the value and need of implementing persistence in our own chosen occupation. Perhaps, we too can use persistence as effectively as Mr. Ford did to produce a diamond in our own present and future situations. There certainly is ample evidence in the lives of great men like Mr. Ford, and others, that strongly suggest that excuses, both real and imagined, do in fact fade into nothingness in the presence of persistence.

Mr. Ford used persistence as the means to focus and fine-tune his determination to take action and get started and to succeed despite the very excuses that may be holding some of us back. Perhaps, if we ignore the excuses and take action and get started that we too, like Mr. Ford, will learn the lesson that in the presence of persistence, excuses fade into nothingness.

Good luck in your decisions… take action, get started!

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