What Makes Your Home Business Succeed?


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A few weeks ago I have written about the “Key Factors of a successful home business". A lady has reacted to this article and she has mentioned some important aspects, e. g. “Is the product a category creator?" I want dwell on this question. What could “category creator" mean?

From the Creative Idea…

A category creator can be interpreted as a creative business idea. It has to be something new that is unique. The marketing science knows the term of “Unique Selling Proposition". It’s different from other offers on the market. Even a product of the everydays life can be reformulated and market in an unparalled way.

…To the Innovation Management

Peter F. Drucker, the grand old man of the management science, has created the term of innovation management. He has passed away recently and it is appropiate to honor him. He has written that a new idea or a new product is only an innovation, if it succeeds on the market.

The home business industry grows daily. Thousands of people start a new home business every day. Many among them join already existing business fields. Many newcomers begin with an already made turn-key website and try to promote it. Thousands of online home businesses are abandoned because they have not satisfied their owners.

New ideas are needed. The online home business world has seen a lot of trends. Online business malls have been sold. Niche Marketing has been promoted. Now we see a “get-paid-to" wave. “Get paid to surf" and “get paid to read" websites are mushrooming. New varities of this kind of website appear and they are called “get paid to play games" or “it pays to learn". Internet entrepreneurs try to make money by launching and promoting new kind of sites that attract masses of customers.

How To Get to the Top?

The radio news has reported recently about a successful website. This website has achieved the top listing at the Google Search Engine. It has got a mass of traffic, customers and sales. What are the website owners doing? They just offer a subscription for socks. People can subscribe for a steady and regular supply of new socks. A common product is market successfully in a new way that meets many people’s need.

The Time Has To Be Ripe

A lucky timing of the launching of a new product or service is also necessery. The time has to be ripe for the new business idea. If this is the case, a product sells itselfs.

Lil Waldner is a business economist. She is experienced in project management and marketing. She has worked as an editor for several newspapers and she has written booklets and essays on economic and public issues. Visit the web site: Make Money Tip


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