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If you own a Website, write news articles, or Blog, than you need to know about Google AdSense.

Let’s face it; we are all aware of the fantastic success Google is experiencing on the Internet. These guys are smart, they know what works, and they understand the Internet as well, if not better than anybody out there. They are also making an awful lot of money, and now they are offering to share some of it with the rest of us.

Here’s how it works. Google is willing to pay anyone who owns a website, or writes articles that are distributed on the Internet a commission for placing one of their ads on your site or article. No gimmicks, no catches. You get paid when someone clicks on the ad placed on your site.

This is a bonanza for many bloggers, small Commercial Websites, webmasters, some larger Corporations, and even small personal sites.

Here’s how it Works. Google places ads that appear next to their search engine results that are paid for by Advertisers through a program called Google AdWords. This allows the Advertisers better position by getting their ads placed near the top of the search results. Now Google has extended that program to include placing some of those ads onto an estimated 300,000 additional Websites, and Internet distributed articles and blogs.

Here’s where you come into the picture. If you own a website, and sign up with Google AdSense, they will help you write the ad, and create the html for you to place on your Website or article. Google will then automatically place ads on your page for products similar to the theme of your Website or article. If your Website or article is about flowers, than ads for flowers or gifts may show up in the ads Google places on your site or article.

We should all be aware that conversion rates for Websites are very low. Most visitors to your site will move along without making a purchase on the first visit. If they are going to look somewhere else anyway, why not get paid to send them there.

Some people are making thousands of dollars off Google AdSense already. Stories about AdSense profits range from a couple hundred dollars a month to $3,000 or more monthly though the payout is going to depend on your traffic of course. A Website with tons of traffic and very popular articles are going to do the best, but all make money. Don’t you think its time to get your share? Visit the link below to "Buds Business Guide" for more information about Google AdSense or to sign up for a free account.

Ken Asselin, Waterford, MI, USA Visit Buds Business Guide Ken Asselin is webmaster for the “Buds Best" series of online

websites. His 40 plus years experience in retail marketing, bring a fresh outlook to website development and promotion. You can visit his “Buds Business Guide” at:


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Google AdSense How to Make a Real Income From Google AdSense Effortlessly
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