Do You Remember Skinny Dipping?


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Skinny dipping, oh yeah, I remember skinny-dipping. I’ve always felt lucky that I was born in 1961. It meant that I was able to catch the tail end of the baby boomers. And that meant that I got to grow up in the seventies. It was a great time – there was skinny-dipping, rock n roll, good times, and living life to the fullest.

So let’s talk about skinny-dipping. To me, skinny-dipping isn’t about swimming, and it’s not about how you look without your clothes. Skinny-dipping is all about freedom – complete and total freedom.

It is about abandoning your inhibitions, just taking your clothes off, running, jumping in, and getting wet. It’s not about feeling guilty that you are doing something naughty, but rather truly living in the moment. Naked and vulnerable, you tune in and become one with the earth, air, water, and sky. You become part of something bigger and greater. And that is a magnificent feeling.

And that feeling, is just how I feel about being self-employed. Although not always the easiest path, it is one of great personal satisfaction and self worth. To give up the “corporate world", I really had to become vulnerable, jump in and just get wet. And although I didn’t leave my clothes behind on the beach, I did leave behind the stability of a 9-5 environment, with structure, and benefits. But, here I am and overall, I love what I do and the freedom that comes from owning a home business.

Freedom, such a small word but oh, so powerful. And to have the independence to not only choose what you will do for a living, but also where you will do it is a privilege that I for one, do not take lightly. And I have chosen to work at home.

Welcome to my world, where my life is no longer 9-5. I wake up thinking of new ways to make money at home and often stay up well past midnight working on the computer, trying to find better ways to promote my new website. Or I may stay up painting or crafting items that I can sell. Bottom line, I am still making money to pay my bills and still have enough left over to do or buy the things I want. The biggest difference is that it no longer feels like work. For I have found a way to stay at home, and make money doing things that I love to do. And so can anyone who truly wants to.

I have found starting your own home business to be a lot like skinny-dipping. For instance, you can ease your way into the water slowly or you can just jump in. There will be people who belly flop and others who quickly head back to the safety of shore without ever looking back. And of course, there will always be the people who although they want to, never even try, they never even leave the shore.

But you can’t experience the true passion of freedom, from the safety of shore. So if you want to start your own home business or expand the one you already have, take a chance. I can’t guarantee that you won’t sink. In fact, even if you’re successful, you will probably do some backstroking along the way. But then - the day comes when you feel like you’re floating, and that is the day you come to understand what working for yourself is all about.

I am only now starting to realize just how much life really is like a bunch of old sayings. One of my favorites is “Only a dreamer can make dreams come true" (author unknown). So if you have the dream of a owning and running a home business, then take the first step, whether you ease yourself in or cannonball. Just do it.

And next time someone asks you what you do for a living or why you want to work at home, go ahead; feel free to use my words. “Do you remember skinny-dipping……. "


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