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Creating a Passive Income

Serena Zimmerman

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Free Lead Generation System

Internet businesses have a horrendously short life span. Indeed, businesses without a steady flow of profit have a horrendously short life span. Opening a new business, such as an environmentally friendly-one selling recycled products, is like a television pilot - it can either draw in a tremendous following or bomb. Both Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard attempted to shed light on key business aspects like successful Internet marketing and steady cash flow. In order to ensure the longevity of your business, you must learn how to use the Internet as an effective channel of communication between you and possible clients.

For a number of years, poor marketing strategy has left business execs floundering. In ages past, creative marketing consisted of telemarketing and the 3-foot rule or rather the unremarkable skill of trying to sell your products to anyone in a three-foot radius. Even now, both novice and veteran salespersons use kindergarten methods like selling to their favorite acquaintances in order to bring in profit. However, attraction marketing is the new and improved technique for those who want to be on the fast track to success.

What makes attraction marketing one of a kind is its ability to maintain cash flow. The concept of attraction marketing is simple - create a stable clientèle and thereafter, procure enough money to offset the money spent on advertising campaigns. Once a system with the sole mission of attaining leads is initiated, and a decent client base is gathered, it's time to increase the sales price of your products. Essentially, you must allure people into your gallery before discussing the respective prices of your pieces; a good business knows how to inspire loyalty in their consumers. Luckily, in the eco-product realm, most people are already privy to the idea that saving the planet is a good one. But there still is a set pattern in the business world that you have to succumb to: exceptional service, consumer faith, and finally, higher priced goods for the sake of commissions.

One run of the mill Internet offers with incredible potential is a free trial. Most people are attuned to the word ‘free’ whether it's screamed by a radio DJ, sketched onto a flyer with permanent marker, or in bold type on top of a web page. ‘Free report’ or ‘free two week trial’ are brilliant forms of attraction marketing because people will click on the advertisement and no matter the outcome, will be a tad more aware of a business and their services. At the end of the day, there will be two new clients, one who brought a product and one who will refer back to the business at a later date. Internet marketing is a raging stallion who will win the Kentucky Derby if you steer in the right direction. To summarize, attraction marketing is the monetization of leads in order to sustain a business.

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Easy Passive Income - 5 Easy Ways to Create 'Real' Passive Income Online
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