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3 Options to Start a Home Based Business


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Thousands of people every day dream of starting their own home based business - but where do you start and what do you do. . . ?

Go back only ten years and you would have to consider spending a lot of money on print advertising and direct response mailings to get the message out about your new business, but with the advent of the Internet, all that has changed and your idea can be in front of millions in literally seconds - getting the message out is the easy part, deciding what that message is going to be, is the harder part.

When most people start a home business, they use their knowledge of their present employment skills or perhaps a hobby that they enjoy - this is a great place to start. . .

Bear in mind the budget you have available for this project. You're starting a business at home and it's likely that you will be funding development and marketing and these factors can effect what you plan to offer.

Similarly, your ability to ‘market’ your idea will have a large bearing on what goes into your ‘message’ to the world.

Here's 3 ideas on businesses you can run from home that can be started without too much prior knowledge but that should be very profitable. . .

1. Your Own Product Creation:

Don't worry! We're not talking about setting up your own factory and employing hundreds of staff - this is the ‘Digital Age’ which means creating items like ebooks, mp3 audio recordings, ‘How-To’ videos, website design and more.

Even if you get stuck with a particular issue, you can easily get it out-sourced by a freelancer who could handle the writing, programming, editing etc, etc. . .

The only real issue with this route to success, is that you will be depending heavily on your ability to market your product, but again we're using the power of the Internet here so there's a solution to this problem too and it's called a Joint Venture (or JV for short).

What you do here, is approach someone who is good at marketing and ask them if they would like to help you market your product for a cut of the profits. If they agree, you get immediate access to their list which will hopefully be into the thousands which means money and income!

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you don't know what affiliate marketing is, then basically someone will spend possibly thousands of dollars creating a product, spend months testing marketing and producing a full library of banner ads, text ads, email blasts and more, plus build a fully functioning back-end system just for somebody like you to come along and use for FREE in your home based business, on the basis that you're going to go out and sell the product for him.

All you have to do is drive targeted traffic to his sales page via an ‘affiliate link’ (a cookie that is stored on the visitor's computer when they click on the link you provide to the sales page) and then collect up to 95% of the sales price as a commission - how good is that!

OK, you're going to have to go out and find the traffic and that is likely to involve cost, but by utilising almost free advertising such as writing articles (like you're reading now) on the service or product you want to sell, or better still, distributing videos on the subject - you can begin to drive significant traffic to your sales page and hopefully convert them into sales.

Do bear in mind though, that there are many people doing exactly the same thing so be prepared for a possible long haul until your website, articles and videos start working for you.

3. Finding a Great Product With a Proven System

As I've mentioned in option 1, testing your marketing for any business you will run from home is a skill that is learnt over time (if at all). You will never get it ‘just right’ and you'll always be testing. This takes a lot of valuable resources including money.

So this 3rd option kind of takes affiliate marketing one step further and almost gives you a ‘business in a box’. You not only get the banner ads, emails, text ads etc. . . you also get a full guide on where to advertise, how to get free advertising, a full autoresponder course. Some packages will provide you with a complete money-making website PLUS a blog with a year's worth of posts.

Again, you do have to generate the traffic yourself, but the information you get with the packages should help you on this score too.

Developing and growing an online business that you can run from home (or indeed anywhere in the world) is a challenge. A few will strike it lucky and become millionaires overnight, but for the rest of us, it takes a little longer. Stick with it and enjoy it because at the end of the day, we're all going to have to find ways of supplementing our retirement funds and making money from something you enjoy is a great way of achieving that goal!

Michael Hemmins is the owner of a free resource and information website offering news & ideas to help people like you start and grow their own home based businesses. Click this link to claim 3 proven ebooks and one Internet marketing course worth over $700 FREE -


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