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Different Ways to Make Extra Income


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Many of us ask ourselves the question, “How many different ways are there to make extra income?" The answer of course “is blow'n in the wind" in other words as many as you can think of ways to make extra income. I could not even begin to answer that question to its fullest. But let me give a few tips on ways to make extra income.

Tip #1 on ways to make extra income would be to host a garage sale. Round up all that extra stuff in your garage, basement, or attic and advertise a garage sale in your neighborhood. This would not be a recurring income but may give you a heads up on funding some of the other ways to make extra income. Many of us already shop garage sales so we pretty much know the ins and outs of it already. Garage sales are not the most glamorous but they are pretty simple to start with and can bring in some extra cash.

Tip #2 on ways to make extra income would be to set up a child care facility. With the financial burden put on most families today both parents are forced to work outside of the home. With this comes a need for some top notch child care. You might be able to meet that need if you like children and know how to raise children. Of course any sane parent will want the best for their children and you will have to offer a little bit more than just babysitting. Give a safe, stimulating, educational atmosphere and you will have parents beating your doors down asking you to take their child in. Do your homework though and follow the laws of your State and local governments. Do it right the first time and you can make a good chunk of change each week.

Tip #3 on ways to make extra income is to turn your hobby into cash. Perhaps you like to take pictures then learn as much as you can on how to take good solid photographs and start advertising that you do weddings, passports pictures, etc. Word of mouth will get you a whole lot of jobs. My daughter just paid $1400 for just her wedding pictures and the pictures are not all that great! Maybe you do sewing and alterations which is another good way to make some extra income. Finding reliable people to do clothe alterations can be difficult so word of mouth will go a long way as well. The list of hobbies that you could turn into extra income is just about endless.

Tip #4 on ways to make extra income is the one I decided to do and it is basically free to do. I make a good amount of extra income online with my computer. I do some blogging which is totally free and extremely easy to do any one can get a handle on that. I also do some affiliate marketing which is simply pointing people to a product and then they buy from that company. That eliminates the fear I always have about “selling" stuff. So this fourth tip on ways to make extra income is simply using your computer in simple ways to earn. The hardest part of internet marketing is driving traffic to the right place and that can be pretty easy to learn. Without a doubt making extra income online is not a get rich quick scheme that so many are selling now-a-days but if you put forth some effort you can make some decent money doing it. Again it is basically free, although, you will need to purchase a couple of inexpensive tools to get you learning and earning . But after that initial outlay of less than $100 the rest can be done without cost to you.

J. Snyder earns an extra income online and writes about it. You can find out more at his blog at


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