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Is Your Home Business On Life Support?

Steven Wagenheim

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When I'm ready to die, I don't want the doctors to take any extraordinary steps to keep me alive. Just let me die in peace. However, when it comes to my business, I don't even want it to ever get to that point where it needs to be put on life support. I work at it everyday so that it's healthy for as long as I'm healthy. But what about you? Is your business thriving or is it on life support? If your home business is in need of some oxygen, these tips might just help get you on the road to success.

The first thing you need to do is figure out where the problem is. Usually it will come down to one of two things. The first is traffic. You're simply not getting enough traffic to your site. To correct this problem, you need to go through the very many ways of generating traffic that are available to you on the Internet. Read as many reviews on them as you can. See which ones are effective and which ones are not. Then, take a look at what you're using and not using. If there are any methods that you are not using that have been proven to be effective, simply start using them. You can't run a successful business without getting targeted traffic to your site.

The other problem comes down to conversions. In other words, how many sales you make for every 100 visitors to your site. So if you're making 2 sales for every 100 visitors to your site, that's a 2% conversion, which is actually not bad. But what if you're only making 2 sales for every 2,000 visitors? This is a 0.1% conversion which is not good at all. If you find your conversion is poor, there are several things you have to look at.

The first is the quality of the traffic that you're actually bringing to your site. Is it targeted, or are you attracting visitors who aren't interested in what you're trying to sell to them. One way to figure this out is by having a questionnaire on the site itself. Then there is your sales page. If it's not converting, the problem could be with your copy. Was it written professionally? Did you write it yourself? If so, did you at least get some basic copywriting instruction under your belt?

Like it or not, a home business is composed of many parts and if just one of those parts is weak, the whole structure can collapse. The above tips will get you started on trying to dissect why your business is on life support.

Hopefully, you can save it before you have to pull the plug on it altogether.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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