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Paying my Mortgage with Microstock


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I introduced the idea of generating passive income through uploading stock photos in my article ‘Making Cash in Microstock’. In four months, I managed to get my sales over $1,800 a month by working from home with my DSLR and it's now paying my bills - including my mortgage. These results aren't extraordinary. Many of those working full-time at Microstock make much, much more. I live a modest life with my husband and son and this is all the time I care to commit to working, but let me describe to you how I did it.

November 2007 - Coming into my first month of seriously working on Microstock images, I had 102 photographs I had put together here and there throughout 2007 to start with. My strategy was simple. . . If I made $235 from 102 Microstock images in October, if I had 1020 images I would be earning $2,350 a month. I didn't know how many images I would really be able to make and get approved within a month, but I was excited and went full steam ahead. I ended up creating 210 new images with a total monthly earning of $492.30. This was alot of work, but I couldn't have been more pleased with more than doubling the previous month's earnings.

December 2007 - The holidays really took a toll both on my productivity and downloads. From about the 22nd of December, downloads became completely flat and I was beginning to worry about sales. Despite the holiday season I managed to upload 66 new Microstock photos and with the marathon of images I got up in November, December finished with a total earnings of $859.50. At this point I knew I was on my way.

January 2008 - I wasn't really happy with my productivity in December so I was determined to turn things around this month. Sales picked up again after January 2nd and went steady with a slight increase going into the end of the month due one popular image (which happens from time to time). I worked hard this month uploading 222 images with earnings of $1,540.60. That's a $681.10 increase from December!

February 2008 - In highsight I think I may have been burnt out concentrating on stock photos for the past months and managed to upload 100 images this month. There's a bit of a feeling like reaching a finish line with sales of $1,815.90 in the short month of February.

Before I started taking Microstock seriously, I didn't know if this would work or if it were even possible to achieve the freedom I now have. Through most of my maternity time at home, I dreaded the eventual reality of going back to work and leaving my husband and son at home. In these four months I managed to stay at home by turning my sales from a trickle to an income I could pay my mortgage with and I hope you can as well.

Channy Wong works as a freelance photographer and submits stock to microstock photography agencies. She also has a blog offering her experiences in microstock, earnings, and advise on getting started in profitable digital photography.


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