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The Millionaire League Review - An Unusual Membership Site

Anthony Chambers

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This will certainly not be one of your regular reviews.

I am sure you have had enough of those anyway. Instead, I will, in the millionaire review, point out some of the unique features of this program that will either have you digging for your credit card, or have you running for cover. Either way, it promises to be fun.

The Millionaire League is the creation of Brian Wynn. The first impression of the website may not grab you, until you realize that there is an audio on the site, and a rather chirpy voice will begin a rather to-the-point motivational spiel. Well! After you been to the site enough times, as I have been, you will quickly turn off the audio. If it is your first visit however, it is a rather pleasant experience.

Now, as you go down past the fold of the website, you will notice that it actually get's better. So right away my first criticism of the program would be to ask for a better website above the fold for those who may not have audio turned on. We all know by now that most people will not get past the fold of most of the websites they visit.

Since, I promise you this will be fun, let us zoom past the usual boring suspects. At this point I am supposed to extol the virtues of the testimonials, the promises of the program, the guarantees and so on. In short, here is what you will get from the millionaire league.

What You Will Get From The Millionaire League

The first thing you should know about the Millionaire League is that it is not an e-book. It is actually a membership site but you only pay once. Your cost of $47.00 may be a bargain for the many blue prints, business plans, and strategies that you will have access to for as long as you remain a member.

I was thinking about that today, after I examined the various statistics for the millionaire league at ClickBank. I do not know about you but as an online marketer, I would not see any justification for requesting a refund from this site. Really! Although you will have 8 weeks to request a refund, why would you? Especially if you will get access to Brian's additional income strategies that he will be releasing every month?

What I Do Not Like About The Millionaire League

Ok, so at this point my millionaire league review will indicate a definite bias towards purchasing. I am sold on the product, or membership site. However, it still has a couple things that I am not happy with. For one thing, this site has an up sell. Yes it does. It will cost you an extra $27.00. I hate the fact that Brian springs that surprise on you at the last minute just before you make a purchase, although I think it is worth the benefits your receive for the extra money.

Here is how I arrived at that nutty conclusion.

Picture this! Just at the time when you have finished agonizing over the $47.00 price tag, and calculating how much more your credit card can handle, Wham! Brian springs one extra curve ball at you. So now you have to quickly add another $27.00 to your bill, but as much as I hate to admit it, I believe it is worth the extra money. Think about it. You will receive over 300 videos when you upgrade as a V. I. P member at Brian's Club. That is a bargain, especially if you are a visual learner.

By the way, the ClickBank stats are very favorable for the millionaire league. It looks like very few refunds have been requested for this product. Oh! Another thing I am not happy with at this site. Brian has a supporting blog but he does not update it often enough. Do not let that fool you however, as Brian's support for members have been just about perfect.

Finally, this is the point at which I am supposed to tell you to get the product.

However, that will be left up to your better judgment. It is my hope however that you will be in a position to make a wiser decision having labored with me through the millionaire review.

Anthony Chambers is an online marketer with a knack for finding working solutions to Internet Marketing problems. For a limited time, let him show you how to easily collect large affiliate cheques from your very own online business. The Millionaire League Review

the millionaire league review

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