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Earning Extra Income During The Looming Global Recession

Michael Kohn

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Cash Gifting may be the best viable recession proof vehicle for creating extra income during a global downturn.

The news in the last week has made everyone take notice of an ebbing economy:

  • Chief economists seemingly alarmed about the direction of the economy.
  • Fed cuts short term rate by .75, the largest cut in 18 years.
  • President Bush meets with congressional leaders to discuss stimulus bill.
  • Personal tax cuts and rebate checks similar to the ones in 2001.
  • Dow Jones down 15.5% from its high in October, 2007

    It would seem that a recession is right around the corner with all the gloom and doom being tossed about in the news. Recessions are commonly defined as: a contraction in economic activity for two consecutive quarters but are officially determined by a panel of economists who look at a wider variety of indicators, including employment, income and industrial production. The last recession was from March to November 2001 and is considered one of the shortest and shallowest downturns in U. S. history. It doesn't look like we will be so lucky this time around. So what are we to do in this down market to provide extra income? In a global recession it would stand to reason you would need a cash generator that is globally acceptable.

    One of the easiest ways is to get involved in a Cash Gifting program that is fully automated. However not all programs are created equal. For a Cash Gifting work at home type program to be successful it needs to be a simple easy to follow “no brainer" type system.

    A Cash Gifting home based business model needs:

    1)A simple to follow, time tested and proven, marketing system that anyone can follow. This will assist a new member in starting their work from home opportunity correctly.
    2)A tracking system that allows a member to track the scheduled arrival of any gifts being sent to them.
    3)A fully functional back office where all members can update personal information.
    4)Tutorials on advertising with classifieds, ezines, banners, Pay Per Click, voice broadcasting etc. Along with access to prewritten ads that have been tested and proven to deliver results.
    5)An area where the members can order advertising tools such as company approved custom business cards, postcards and flyers.
    6)Members should also have access to autoresponders, lead generation and a follow up letter series to stay in contact with new prospects.
    7)Above all, a step - step system that takes the new member through the process from sign up, to paperwork completion, to advertising. . . Right up to the point when they receive their cash gift at the door.

    Now with all of the above components in place, an entrepreneur should be able to launch a home based income opportunity without investing a lot of effort in start up. In this type of ideal environment the majority of time can now be spent on developing the business, as the business infrastructure is already in place. An entrepreneur should only spend his/her time advertising the program and have the NO's (as I like to call them) in place.

    No: hard selling,
    monthly quotas,
    convincing anyone to buy,
    3-way calls or call backs to make,
    hidden fees, inventory to stock,
    explaining the program,
    website to build, products,
    harassing friends and family(although they may want to get involved as soon as they see how easy it is),
    talking to anyone(unless you want to follow up).

    Now you may think that's not possible, but with the TOCS program that is exactly what you get. There are no hidden surprises, gimmicks and above all no hype. Just a very simple and easy to follow money generating program for anyone that is looking for a guaranteed way to create extra income and all of the work is done for you. Success is right around the corner.

    Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, 1898 - 1993, the founder of the Peale Center, the Positive Thinking Foundation and Guideposts said it very well: Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture. . . Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.

    Watch for more articles on Cash Gifting and Home Based Business Opportunities in the near future.

    God Bless and Always Remember To Make It A Great Day!

    Michael J Kohn
    New Image Marketing Group, Inc.

    Please Visit Us At: , Michael Kohn has been in sales and marketing for over 25 years. He currently makes a living as president of New Image Marketing Group Inc. , an internet marketing and direct sales company. He brings a modern and easy-to-follow approach to direct and on-line selling. A native of Wisconsin, Mike was previously an insurance claims adjuster for the banking industry. He then spent over 20 years as the Director of Account Executives for a specialty lines insurance agency. He was responsible for maintaining a multi-million dollar account base. Mike left the corporate world 5 years ago and continues to enjoy both the time and financial freedom his internet business has provided for him and his family. Visit At:

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