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Is The Berry Tree The Best Marketing Network Opportunity?

David Nettles

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The answer to that question is a very resounding yes. When you really look under all the hype and noise and study the facts you can get an answer that will really surprise you. Since The Berry Tree started in March of last year the program has produced $3 million in sales all while going through the development stages of the business processes and working all the bugs out of the system. Things like getting the commission processes to run 100% correct and hosting the business on a world class server.

When you think about 3 million in sales over the first 8 months during the development stages for a simple kind of a business in a box $50 dollar a month complete system with a great product. It kind of makes your head swim or it does mine.

Now with everything in place The Berry Tree is poised to set records and reaching that goal of the best marketing network opportunity available on the Internet today. You are going to start seeing and hearing about The Berry Tree on TV infomercials, National Magazine advertisements and with soon start hearing everyday how The Berry Tree is changing lives. Making success for the work at home moms, making ends finally meet for the person stuck on a very poor retirement income. Building college funds for kids that would have never had a chance with the price of a good education. Not to mention the person that just wanted to make enough extra money to be ahead of the bills every month.

As of writing this article the momentum is building just about every day we are hearing about new developments that will explode the growth in 2008. You will see a flood of new people and the excitement is beginning to build. The rush has already started and you can very easily benefit from the coming rush.

The Berry Tree is in position to become the top earner of all time and also do it faster than any other program. Just by following the numbers this system is jumping ahead of all the other programs out there. There are people beginning to see the power in this marketing plan and that it is for real.

In the last 5 decades of MLM, Network Marketing and Multi-level networks that a company has combined a marketing program with a great product that will truly work for everyone from Mom and Pop to the retirees, to the heavy hitters to the kids that want to fund a college education. A network marketing system for everyone and no one gets left behind.

With opportunity like this the answer is a very resounding yes The Berry Tree is the best marketing network opportunity available today. The field is level for everyone finally and the only real requirement is membership.

Learn all you can about this new system: The Berry Tree

David Nettles lives in South Florida and runs his home-based business part-time. He is also the publisher of


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The Network Marketing Business Opportunity Comes of Age
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