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How To Earn Money Online Even When You Are Surrounded By Negativity

Megan Vaillancourt

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You want to earn money online? But everyone around you is negative over your desire to take on a new business venture. More and more people are turning to the Internet to work from home. It is said that more people are viewing legitimate online business with a new respect. However when family and friends don't offer support it can be a lonely venture.

Evaluate how strong your desire is to take on this new endeavor. Is it something you have been researching for awhile? Can you not get the possibilities of starting an Internet business out of your head? If this is you, all is not lost. You can still have a legitimate online venture even when your family and friends are giving you negative feedback.

If you are serious in your attempts to start a new business, then then there are some tips that can help you overcome the challenges of the negativity that may surround you. Here is 10 Steps to allowing the negative people in life to understand your new career choice.

1. ) Negativity The Important VS Non- Important - Is it a friend who is stopping you from your goals to earn money online. Do you really need there support to move forward with your goals? Is it your spouse who holds the negativity torch on your new business idea? Having negativity from a spouse is often the most difficult to overcome. Having at least semi understanding is important to your overall of success.

2. ) Your Why's- Why do you have a desire to take on this new responsibility? Have you even thought of this questions yourself? Make a list of why you want to take this on. From the obvious more money, to if you need something that you can own and make grow. Really take some time to present your whys. If it is a spouse, most will understand your wants better then anyone else.

3. ) A plan of Action - To present your case to the person you need support from, it is a good idea to develop a plan of action. When you have an call to action plan you have really given this some serious thought. In addition it gives you time to examine your options. If you are forging out with a new product or service, now is a good time to seek out the competition, try to get an understanding of what they are doing. Bring a call for action on how you plan on competing with them. What special offers you wil make? What do you have that they don't?

If you are looking into a home based business structure, that is already established, then present how you plan on achieving your goal with that company. You may have a mentor, and training that you could present that will plead your case for you.

4. ) Do your research - You understand your desire. You probably have seen some other peoples success to get you toward this point in your life. Allow them to see what you have seen. Make them a part of the big picture. If they research with you they may end up being your biggest fan and advocate.

5. ) Align yourself with people who have the same goals - Meet with other networkers who are successful entrepreneurs. Social networking with other entrepreneurs is a great resource for you. Meeting people and understanding how they handled diversities. Will give you new fresh ideas how to handle your problem.

6. ) Educate Others- Where do you family and friends bad feelings stem from. Write down every negative response you have heard, and present alternatives to them. If you are not coming with valid points then they will ignore your wants. IF you come to them with real statistics and strategies they will take you, and your ideas much more seriously

7. ) Build A list - Make a list together. List one side Positives and one side negatives. Present to them the positives and how they out way the negatives.

8. ) Show Internet Sales Stats - Check out the Internet Sales Stats for the year. Having figures and statistics shows you have done your research. It allows people to know you take this seriously, you have taken time to research all aspects of a business.

9. ) Keep Positive-. If you are set on doing this, then don't let others feelings get in your way. It may be hard to block out the others feelings, but it is essential to so that it will not hold you back from your goals. Keep your business private from those that will bring you down. When you hit success then reintroduce what your doing. It is a huge mindset booster.

10. ) Mindset training - You obviously care what your loved ones think, but it is important to get your mindset right . Instead of saying my loved ones know what they are talking about. Start saying I am going to prove to my loved ones I have made the right decision. Simple strategies such as this will get your mindset prepared and ready for your new venture. Its even more important when people are drilling bad thoughts into your mind. Get rid of those bad laws of attraction and start focusing on the positives.

If you are a serious about you venture then no one should hinder you from your goals. If it is your spouse, consider their feelings. Is your desire to start an online business going to impact your relationship? Present your strategies with a little more then why you want to accomplish it. Presenting it with some of the tips I have outlined for you can turn negativity to a positive even supportive energy.

If those around you are bringing you down. Keep how business plan to yourself. It has been said having a positive mindset will go in direct proportion to your success. Keep that in mind and may your venture be positive and profitable.

Megan Vaillancourt Creator and Founder of the highly acclaimed Mentoring Team Mentors 4 U. A online training group for Passport To Wealth. With 8 years experience in training entrepreneurs how to build successful home business, she has paved the way for creating the highest duplication records amongst her students

Mrs. Vaillancourt and Her business Well Rounded Consulting specializes in search engine optimization and web design. Compare the prices to other companies on the net. For a free consultation, and price quote please feel free to contact


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