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Retirement - Want To Make Money At Home? Good Morning America Profiled This Home Based Business!


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Retired and bored! Does this describe you? You cannot understand why the company you worked for, decides when you should retire. You are healthy, vital, interesting and yup, bored.

Or maybe you are retired but finding out your fixed income is not fixing your life like you'd planned on years ago. You have been thinking of looking around for something to do where you could make money. Just something part-time. Flexible hours would be nice. Work the hours when you're raring-to-go!

The ultimate opportunity would be something where you could work at home. Yeah! Your own home based business. You always did have that entrepreneurial spirit in you. Even promised yourself that someday you were going to do something about it.

Dream on, right? Now. . . hold on a minute. How's your voice? Speaking, I mean. You don't have to sing. It doesn't even have to sound sexy. Just friendly. Interested yet?

Things You Do Need For This Home Based Business

1. Computer

2. High-speed internet access

3. A “quiet room". Ideally, one as sound-proofed as possible. This means no barking dogs, noisy grandchildren or people knocking on your office door while you're at work. Neighborhood noises can't carry into your office, either.

Things You Don't Need For This Home Based Business

1. Office attire. Nobody cares if you work in your underwear and ratty slippers.

2. Lunch money. Just go to the kitchen.

3. Gas for car or carpool. Unless you always drive down the hallway.

4. Attendance to boring office parties.

In case you're wondering, you will be a call center representative . The buzz word is “homeshoring". No, it is not naughty. Other names you may be called are: home based agent, telecommuter, virtual assistant, virtual employee and lucky!

Just like any job, you'll have to apply for a position with a company. But, this is also done online. You'll be having your first “virtual interview". Still no need to dress up. Your student grandkids will be so jealous! Believe it or not, this is a work at home opportunity that will explode in the coming years. Why? Because companies have finally understood their mistake. Cutting costs by outsourcing call center work overseas was a huge failure.

Meaning, have you called a 1-800 number to get information lately? Have you struggled to even understand what the agent was saying to you? Exactly. Business got their bottom line spanked. They forgot the number one rule. Customer service can make or break the company. Customers slamming down phones in frustration is not what the board members want to hear about.

So they are bringing it all back home! And this is good news for anyone who wants to have a home based business with flexible hours where you get paid by a real company. You can get dressed up when you go out and play! With the money you've made. Virtually!

(c) Karen Cook

To view the Good Morning America video clips and learn more about this in-demand home based business opportunity, check out

Karen Cook works at a public library where she enjoys researching work at home opportunities for the patrons.


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