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MLM - Teach Them How To Fish


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When you first start your MLM business you are scurrying around like a chook with its head cut off, madly trying to work out what to do and how to do it. Then at some point you stop and survey the surroundings. You may like what you see, you may not like it but the thing you need to come to grips with is that you cannot do it all on your own. You are going to need help and depending on your outlook and motivation you may need a lot of it. I’m not talking about going and outsourcing all of your day to day activities and I’m not talking about paying someone to nurse and grow your business, what I am talking about is getting your downline involved and motivated.

You have to teach them how to fish. You cannot grow both your business and your downlines business so you need to find leaders in your downline and teach them how to do what you do. You can only do this if what you are doing is working and what you are doing can be duplicated. There is no point telling your downline to go out and buy leads and work them if this is not what you are doing or if it is not working for you. There is no point telling your downline to do permission based emailing if you have not done it and/or you are not getting results from it. The way that it will work is if you explain what you are doing to your downline and how you are doing it, right down to the last little details and then set them free to try the same methods.

Sure, they may want to try something else and that too is ok because they may have success where you have not and they can then teach this success not only to their downline but also to you ( a win-win. ). If people take time to grasp the concepts or the execution of your methods, it doesn’t matter, you need to be patient and give them time to be able to fully understand what is required. If people don’t want to follow your methods, that’s ok too as not everyone will want to go in the same direction, they may want to try a different path so all you can do is explain how successful you have been with that path and let them make up their own mind. The number one biggest mistake you can make is to try and do it all for them. This will not only not work but it will send you into a state of exhaustion.

Teach them how to bait their hook and throw in their rod the correct way and they will be dining on the oceans freshest for the rest of their lives.

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