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Paid Survey - Earn Money Taking Online Surveys for Cash


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The old consumer opinion survey has changed, grown, morphed into paid Internet surveys and has become a big business. In the U. S. alone, over $200 billion gets spent each year on advertising and promotion. Several hundred million dollars get allocated to market research.

Market research lets medium-sized and big businesses know what consumers think, what they want, why they buy what they buy. Surveys are a primary tool used by market researchers to determine and measure consumer opinion. Surveys are key tools in measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Surveys are also used to measure brand recognition and consumer perceptions of differences in products and services of competing suppliers.

Today, there are thousands of surveys being made every week. In order to get sufficient numbers of consumers from a wide range of demographics to volunteer to take surveys and to actually fill out the survey questionnaires, it is more and more common to pay survey takers in cash or equivalent for their participation.

Thousands of survey takers are receiving checks in the mail (or deposits in their PayPal accounts) each month for answering the questions in surveys.

Any consumer over the age of 18 who has access to the Internet and enough technical competence to send and receive emails can participate. Most paid surveys only take a few minutes to complete and pay from $10 to $25 for your participation.

If you would like to participate in paid surveys and earn money taking online surveys for cash, here's how:

To be invited to participate in paid surveys, you must file applications with the survey makers who send out the invitations. They just need to have your contact and demographic info (age, gender, zip code, etc. ) on file so they can send you surveys for which you qualify.

The problem is that there are over 700 survey makers in the U. S. and over 3,000 worldwide. Most of these either don't pay in cash, don't pay at all or are unreliable in that they sell your data to sales companies, etc. You do not want to deal with these time-wasters. You just want to apply to the good ones.

The best way to sort them out is to get a good paid survey guide company. There are over 200 paid survey guide companies that maintain current lists of survey makers who are good to deal with. For a small one-time fee you can sign up with them and get a copy of their current list.

To pick a good guide company, pick one with a strong money-back guarantee backed up by a bank or financial company such as PayPal or ClickBank. Most importantly, you want one with a low refund rate. Its refund rate is the best indicator of recent client satisfaction with that paid survey guide company.

A low refund rate indicates many satisfied clients. A high refund rate means many unhappy clients who demanded their money back! Look for a refund rate in the 3-5% range. Avoid any with either unknown refund rates ('unknown’ usually means high) or refund rates of 9% or higher.

Once you have picked your guide company, signed up and received a copy of their list of preferred survey makers, make sure you sign up with all of them. This is important. If they don't have your data on file they can't invite you to take surveys!

Once you have applied to the survey makers, invitations will start to come in, slowly at first, then faster as they gain confidence that you really will respond quickly. Your income from each survey maker will usually reach its peak level 3-6 months after your application is on file with them.

Exactly how much you can make working with paid surveys to earn money taking online surveys for cash, will depend on your demographics, your diligence and on how many good paid survey companies have your application on file.

Most more or less serious survey takers report incomes of $200 to $600 per month from this activity. Many report incomes of $1,000 a month or more.

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