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Ever dream of working from home? So have many other people. The Internet is full of work at home jobs. Some are scams some are very legitimate. So how do you tell the difference? And which opportunity is right for you?

The first thing you need to remember before signing up for any at home job is to do the research. Find out as much about the company as possible. Ask questions! Search the Internet for information about the opportunity you are considering trying. How long has this company been in business? What is their Better Business Bureau rating? How successful have others been at this opportunity? How much will it cost me? And most importantly, is this the right type of work for me?

The Perfect Match

Finding an opportunity that is right for you may feel very challenging at times. If you can’t sell a coat to an Eskimo in the middle of a snow storm than one on one sales probably is not right for you.

Search inside yourself and consider your own personality when choosing what type of work you can do. Take the above example, that person would need to find a job where the product would sell itself without having to make sales calls. There are a lot of opportunities available on the Internet for that kind of person. Examples would be E-Bay sales and Amazon just to name two.

Choose your Products Wisely

Another important factor is to pick a product you really believe in. Make a list of things you love and are good at. If you believe in a product others will too. If you don’t believe in it people will see right through you and won’t be interested.

If you are a person who knows nothing about baseball how will you convince someone that your bat is far better than the cheaper one they can get from someone else?

Look at the quality of the product you are considering selling. If you are selling information through an e-book make sure your information is correct, watch your grammar, and select a program like Acrobat Reader to make it easy for the buyer to open. Research the number of people looking for your product daily. Ask, how many people are already selling it and at what price?

Marketing is just as important as finding a product you love. Without proper marketing the best products won’t sell. If nobody can find you then nobody is going to buy from you.

Get your product or website out there. You can be a terrible article writer and get tons of business simply because you marketed your website so well that you are on the first page of the major search engines.

With marketing you don’t need to spend loads of money. When starting out a new opportunity chances are you don’t have loads to spend. Submit your website manually to all the major search engines. Write articles and submit them to several free sites like this one. Start a blog and ping it. Add a signature to the bottom of your e-mail with your website or business opportunity information.

Get the word out!

No matter what you choose to do, do your best, love what you do, and never give up dreaming! Good luck to each and every one of you.

Written by Beverly Perry Owner of and for all your travel needs.


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