Ebay And Google Deathmatch With Three Keys To A Successful Home Business


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Whenever I see a news story about Google's development plans, I usually give it a read, make sure it's not going to affect my AdSense earnings. . . and daydream for a minute or two about running a multi-billion dollar business.

Google's recent spat with eBay though caught my attention. It was one of those rare times when Google's news could actually affect my income.

In case you missed it, Google scheduled a party to promote its Checkout service so that it would compete with a conference organized by eBay, which owns Paypal. eBay wasn't amused. . . and announced an indefinite halt to its Google advertising campaign.

As eBay is by far Google's biggest advertiser, that matters. If you've been earning from eBay ads in your AdSense units, you aren't earning from them any more.

The analysts dragged into the various news channels are all saying that the spat will be over soon though - Google won't want to lose the advertising revenue and eBay won't want to lose the traffic. In the meantime, the loss of such a big advertiser is likely to drag prices down across the network. I know I'll be checking my stats very carefully as long as eBay isn't advertising to see if their argument has reduced the cost of my clicks.

But it does raise a question though. eBay has its own affiliate program (and I'm experimenting with a new service that lets you put eBay ads in AdSense-style units - I'll let you know how it goes shortly) so is it worth promoting auctions in your AdSense units at all? You could throw in an affiliate ad for the same product, let your AdSense ads show something else and increase the range of your advertising.

When Google and eBay have kissed and made up, it might be something worth checking out.

Three Keys to a Successful Home Business

A successful home business can be achieved through a variety of business systems and plans. You may elect to franchise, purchase vending machines, or follow a pyramid scheme.

Regardless of the type of home business you choose to own, there are certain keys to success that will guarantee a happy return on your time and monetary investment. These keys, while partly inherent in your personality as a business owner, can be developed and polished over time so that you become the kind of business owner and manager you always dreamed of having and being.

The first key to a successful home business is to genuinely like people. When you operate a home business, you will not only be the business owner, but the chief employee. This means that customer service will be your responsibility and job on a daily business. A genuine enjoyment of people, and a desire to meet new people, will help you to provide the best in customer service. When you really like people, you will be more likely to listen actively and provide positive feedback.

The second key to running a successful home business is the ability to self motivate. You are your own boss when you own the company, and you will be the only person who knows whether you did your day's work or not. When there is no one to report to, the temptation to slack off can become too big for some people to master. The ability to self motivate can make getting tasks done a much more efficient process because you will have the discipline to follow through with the tasks you have to complete.

A third key to managing a successful home business is the ability to handle disappointments and stress. With every business there will be peaks and valleys. When the going gets tough, the ability to handle disappointments and stress will help you to persevere and stick to your goals.

It is essential that you not give up in the face of a hardship, because on the other side of hardship is success!

A fourth and final key to managing a successful home business is the desire to be successful! If you want to be successful in your business bad enough, you will be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. This gumption can make the most trying times less difficult, and will enable you to keep going even when your love for people is challenged. If you want to succeed bad enough, you can make anything happen. This passion will come across in your interactions with customers, and will empower you to provide exemplary customer service. It will enable you to motivate yourself when the weather is nice and you would rather be playing. The desire to be successful can even help you to experience stress and difficult time with grace. The keys to running a successful home business truly aren't complicated, but they can make your business flourish!

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