The 'Snowball Momentum' Rule That All Successful Internet Businesses Abide By

Fabian Tan

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You may have heard stories about people who have tried everything but can’t seem to lose weight. They have tried all the pills and diets but nothing seems to work. In the end, they cry that the whole health industry is a scam! The problem may be that they tried to do everything all at once. At the start they were very enthusiastic about losing weight. They lived and breathed it. But after a while, they started to lose momentum, because they were doing too much at once and soon they started getting worn out.

It’s the same thing with Internet businesses. Don’t do everything in one day. It is better to do one marketing activity per day for 30 days, then it is to do every single marketing activity out there all in one day. The secret of successful Internet businesses is that they take small baby steps each day, rather than trying to take one giant leap.

The giant leap is attractive. The temptation to get the result fast is very alluring. But it’s a trap. The ‘get rich quick’ mentality doesn’t work in the Internet business world. It takes around 30 days or two months to start seeing results from your initial activities. You are unlikely to start making truck loads of cash overnight by working 24 hours in a stretch on your first day in business.

The key is to be patient! Continue taking baby steps each day, and eventually all your efforts and marketing activities will snowball over and over again, creating a stream of income that rolls in on autopilot if you so choose to.

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