Do You Like Doing Nasty Things With Your Home Based Small Business?

Aubrey Richardson

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The dirty truth about building a successful home based small business can be a bit unpleasant. It is “fun” but one must be willing to do the things of necessity in order to be recognized and deemed as successful. Seems most everyone is looking to increase his or her income in some way or another. Truth be known, if you’re reading this article most likely you are either “doing it”, thinking about “doing it”, or have “done it”! Biggest challenge I’ve faced is remaining focused on the venture and staying dedicated to the task at hand. It’s been suggested to me to define your “why” and know your outcome. If you can develop a big enough “why” for your home based small business, your passion alone will carry you through the tough times.

I dare say, the main reason anyone chooses to start a home based small business, is the need for more money! Although there are some who have started one (or needed one), just to keep busy. Kind of like, “doing it for the fun of it”, which in itself is sort of funny. Seems some of those type people (ones just in it for the fun), go on to develop a true business and experience success on many different levels.

Doing “Nasty things” (by that I mean unpleasant) is doing things that others are not willing to do. It’s been said, “Successful people are the ones willing to do the things that others are not willing to do”. That can be anything from performing simple daily tasks, to throwing yourself into a deep methodical form of research and development!

Take for example a PPC (Pay Per Click) program, let say with Google. If your topic is home based small business, you would then want to select keywords that center around that subject matter. One may start out with the obvious or easiest to figure out like; home based small business, home business, small business, work from home, home business success or make money from home. These in my opinion are to “popular” and therefore tons of people are using those specific keywords with their PPC campaign. You want to get “down and dirty”, do some detailed research and develop a more targeted less sought after group of keywords.

If you are creating a home based small business, then do a Google search for those keywords. Look to see whom else is involved with that subject matter. Do you find other individuals such as authors, product developers or service providers? What items are for sell that are in common with a home based small business? Ask yourself the question, “What other things might people be searching for that are similar to the products and/or services you’ve found?” Very often people have an interest in things that go along with or compliment, their original keyword search.

Build your PPC ad group around a renowned author or popular product. Incorporate keywords that are closely related to your original topic of home based small business. Take a close look at other ads that get your attention, most likely if it gets your attention then other ads similar to it will work for you too. Spend the necessary time researching, dig deep and select a group of keywords that aren’t as “popular” as mentioned above.

You will want to take advantage of the Google’s tool, Traffic Estimator. IT will show you the results of your keywords and give you an idea of how you will place in the top 10 or if you will place there at all. This will let you “see” your potential results and in the long run give you a much better return on your investment.

So do the “nasty things” necessary for your home based small business and you will experience a more fruitful and productive outcome. The money usually follows the effort given!

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