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The other day I received a great question on my MLM blog from Marti. Marti writes:

"I am relatively new to Internet marketing-less than two months. How do I build value when I don’t have a downline yet. I don’t want to go after my friends and family. - Marti"

Her question really struck a chord with me. You see when I first got started in my network marketing company I wanted to work completely in the “cold market” and not bug my friends and family.

So I started buying leads and calling them. I spent big bucks, and hours of time. What did I have to show for it 4 months later?

One new associate and a bank account several thousand dollars lighter.

My upline kept telling me - get on the training calls, adjust your posture, etc. etc.

I kept coming back to the same question that Marti has. How do I build value with no downline? And furthermore, how will this ever be duplicatible.

If I ever signed someone up, they would have to have deep pockets and a VERY strong will power to do what I was doing. And lets face it, some people are good at talking to others and some struggle. Sure everyone can learn, but will they learn fast enough to stay with the business.

One day I woke up and figured something out. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I mean what I discovered has totally revolutionized my business.

When I finally hit rock bottom, totally burned out from spending tons of cash on worthless leads, I stopped working on my business. I spent the next several months educating myself, learning what I needed to learn to actually make this business work.

The light bulb moment came when I decided to change the way I look at my business. You see I had never looked at it as “MY BUSINESS”. I finally stood up and started acting like a leader. I created web sites and autoresponder email series. I acted like a leader, and you know what, prospects started calling me. These were not leads that I had purchased, I had generated them myself.

Once I had them in my system, I simply showed them what it is that I do. They saw value in my system and could see themselves plugging into it.

Just because you don’t have a downline, does not mean that you don’t have value. By the way you act or speak with prospects can show them the value you bring. People want to follow a leader.

So what if you don’t know much about internet marketing? If you know anything, even the smallest bit, you probably know more that 90% of the population This is value. This is value you can bring to your prospects that are searching for a change.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to have a downline to offer value. Learn the skills that are necessary to succeed, and that becomes your value. Start out small, take baby steps, start acting like a leader today.

If all you do is tell yourself that you are a leader and you have unique skills to offer, people will start being attracted to you and look to you to lead them. Change your mindset, and good things will happen in your MLM business.

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