The Problem With Replicated MLM Websites

Burke Jones

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I remember the first day I joined up with my company. You see with my business kit they also provided my “very own” web site. I was ecstatic! I could see the customers coming from Google, Yahoo and MSN to my site and purchasing loads of products. I could see people interested in a business simply finding me through a Google search and singing up under me.

I had this image that this business - with my company provided web site - would build itself! What I soon learned was exactly the opposite……. nobody ever visited - except me!

You see there are many problems with company provided web sites, lets take a look at a couple of them, and then look at a solution.

Product Sales & Search Engines The biggest problem with a company provided replicated web site is that it is exactly the same as every other associate in your company. Because it is exactly the same, it appears as duplicate content to the search engines. Search engines hate duplicate content, so they only rank a few of the sites highly, and the rest are buried on page 98 of the results never to be found!

Business Opportunity Seekers The competition is simply to great to expect your company provided site to rank well on the major search engines when people are searching for a business to join. On top of this, network marketing really does boil down to building relationships. It is the relationship and the system you provide that will get people interested in joining your business.

Now that we have identified the two biggest problems, what can you do about them.

First, get your own domain name, and start building your own site. There are many easy and low cost ways to make this happen, and I will cover them in future emails.

Your own site will allow you to build a relationship with your visitors, both for your product and/or your opportunity.

Once you have this relationship, then you can send the prospect to your company provided site to make a purchase or sign up. That is the only way that a replicated web site will work for you and your team.

You have to have a system in place that will do the following 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - fully automated. You system must provide product information, business information, and reveal a system that a potential prospect can see themselves plugging into. A company provided site will never do this. Period!

My team is using the internet and methods like this to simply explode our business, our company site is only there for the few times we need, not as our primary marketing vehicle.

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