Network Marketing Success Tips - Are You Weird Enough?

Richard Dennis

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You don't have to be “all business" when you start your network marketing business.

MLM is a business of relationships. The best thing in the world you can to to help bond quickly with prospects is to let your own personality shine through. If you are going to have great success, then your personality will be your greatest asset. Hold it out there for everyone to see and soak up . . . especially any “wild and crazy" aspects.

I know, I know. It almost sounds reckless to be “wild and crazy" in front of prospects.

But the truth is, putting your REAL personality on display is the #1 way to differentiate yourself from all those other people who think you have to be business-like. Those who like you will REALLY like you. Those who don't? Who cares?

And what if there are parts of your personality you don't think are optimal for prospect bonding? Then go over to the “personal growth" side of your MLM business. Become more than what you are. To have more, you MUST become more.

I have to chuckle when I hear one of my guys tell a prospect, “Once you get to know Richard, he's OK. " That's pretty standard, though. A lot of people think I'm weird.


Probably the main reason is, I long ago stopped caring what anyone else thought of me. I spent a lot of years worrying about that, and I spent a lot of years failing. Think there's any connection?

A lot of people think that being weird isn't acceptable in business.

I believe nothing could be further from the truth. The weirder you are - so long as you are successful - the more your legend grows. Your personality quirks and unusual experiences become strengths. Your personal oddities actually make you MORE attractive . . . to the right people.

A lot of people try to do their business without a personality. They don't want to make a fool of themselves. They don't want to risk upsetting anybody. Big mistake.

The more formal you are, the more “business-like, " the more impersonal, and the more seriously you take yourself . . . the duller you are. You become like everyone else, so why should anyone choose to work with you?

My buddy Michael Dlouhy has a plaque on his office wall that says, “What somebody else thinks of me is none of my business. "

Nothing could be more true for me or for you. Your best strategy is to inject your own unique spirit into your MLM business. The more fun you're having, the more attractive you will become.

When it comes to you, the only opinion that matters is YOURS! What are your standards? What do YOU think of YOU? If you're happy with you, that's what counts. If you're not happy with you, then you'd better work on you.

Who cares what anybody else thinks?

Never, never, never let your focus on your “To Do" list blur who you are. One of the most basic network marketing success tips is to use time-tested, proven MLM business-building strategies that you know will lead to success . . . and always do them with great exuberance, in your own weird way.

Richard Dennis believes in a solid mlm recruiting system , and he writes often about how to build your MLM business in his blog at


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