Is Network Marketing a Good Way To Earn An Income?


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I am not an Internet ‘Guru’ or Marketing expert but through my experiences of online marketing I have seen there is clearly an almost equal split between business people who are pro and extol the virtues of MLM and those who are definitely anti MLM who point to its many inherent weaknesses.

Some people will claim that MLM, Networking only benefits a small minority of people at the top of the Company and that you have to rely on other peoples efforts for your own success, whereas others will praise the leverage available from the efforts of many people to help speed up the process of gaining wealth.

Personally I am on the side of the pro MLMers. I do understand and appreciate all the cons against Network Marketing; however, overall, I would suggest the advantages of using MLM to start an online business outweigh the disadvantages.

I do not proclaim to be the number one expert regarding MLM and there are many, many E-books and courses on the subject available online, and it is not the purpose of this article to repeat this information, however I do want to reiterate a point that many new Network Marketers overlook when trying to promote and expand their businesses.

First and foremost MLM is a ‘Team Sport’.

Selling your own products or selling as an affiliate is like being a tennis player or golfer. You need to learn the ‘rules’ and techniques, you need to have a determination and focus, having a ‘coach’ or mentor is useful as well, but above all you are responsible alone for your success - or lack of it.

Being involved in MLM is like belonging to a football or soccer team. You will achieve NOTHING by yourself. Even if you are the best and hardest working player on the team it will not benefit you any more than your team mates, unless you help and support them.

The point most people miss when considering joining an MLM business is that having or building a large ‘downline’ is NOT the measure of success. It may bring in some welcome income but it is certainly not the winning play.

You may see some Top MLM recruiters; guarantee that they will build you a ‘downline’ I say to this ‘Big deal!’ I would much rather have a small ‘downline’ of people I have recruited myself who also have a small ‘downline’ of people who also have a small ‘downline’ of people etc etc…

Having a ‘downline of 20 people is great - but having a downline of 3 people who also have 3 people, who also have 3 people, who also etc etc… is better.

Top MLM recruiters with ‘downlines’ of many hundreds of people, will of course make good money and they are the ones who get all the publicity - but there are people in Network Marketing who have much smaller ‘downlines’ (and therefore gain no publicity) but who help their ‘downline’ to build their own ‘downline’ and their ‘downline’s’ ‘downline’ etc and these people are earning far more money…or soon will be!

Please beware joining an MLM business based purely on the hype and promises of easy and quick wealth, ‘spillover’ - and all that, and how quickly they claim the company is growing is NOT a guarantee of success, regardless of what you may read.

ALL MLM companies HAVE to use hype and exaggeration to excite you (and I) into joining in the first place. You (and I) WANT to believe that we will earn $1,000.00s and $1,000.00s by just joining the company and referring a few people. Unfortunately though the Real World is not like that.

So if you are considering joining an MLM business and I would recommend it, even if only as an inexpensive way of gaining Internet Marketing experience – join with a sponsor who is willing to help and support you. And best of all try to join a TEAM who help and support each other!

Do NOT join a company or sponsor based simply on the promise that your ‘downline’ will be built for you – this ‘downline’ will soon disappear unless it is supported and helped.

Geoff Barraclough
Author of ‘A Hype-less Guide To Online Marketing’ and disciple of ‘GentleFire’ Marketing offers some thing quite unique – totally hype-less advice, information, help, assistance - and some good ideas for anyone starting the rocky road to Online Home Business Ownership.


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