Ebay Spawned a Home Business Revolution

Ken Shorey

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Ebay is credited with starting a cottage industry that is available via the Internet. The reality is Ebay provided the means for people to return to their roots and reclaim their inalienable rights of home business ownership. Ebay has over 181 million registered users worldwide . There are over five hundred items sold per second through the Ebay websites.

Ebay has provided the perfect at home business opportunity for displaced workers. The need to work at home is inherent in our history. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, cottage industries were common. Home based businesses were common enterprises that provided extra income for families.

These cottage industries or “Domestic Systems” were businesses conducted in the home. These businesses are the the historical equivalent of what we now consider a home-based business. The industrial revolution removed the economic center for the family from home to the factory.

This transition resulted in displaced workers who lost their independence and security working from their own homes. These workers now had to contend with an insensitive factory structure where the worker was only a number.

Hundreds of years later, Ebay presented a waiting population with a sound business model. Ebay provided frustrated entrepreneurs a way to create an income from the comfort of their home. Individuals by the thousands embraced the Ebay business model.

Over a million people have a business on ebay. The work at home industry is expanding at a rapid pace primarily because of the ease of starting an Ebay business. Ebay allows an ever growing number of people to work part time while earning full time income from their homes.

A number of Ebay merchants began trading on the Internet as a hobby then quit their jobs to buy and sell full time on Ebay. Ebay provides a platform for people to buy surplus merchandise, and sell it via the Ebay auction system.

There is no doubt that anyone who has the time and the desire can work at home using the Ebay auction system. If you want a quick and easy entry into a home based business, you can earn a living through your Ebay sales.

Ebay has turned the world into a universe of online shopkeepers. More than a million e-cottage industries or home based businesses are now dependent on Ebay for their income.

Ebay provided the missing link for the displaced home workers to return to their roots. Workers created a home based business as the economic center for their families. With the emphasis on a service driven economy more people turned to Ebay as a viable alternative to maintaining a traditional job. Ebay allows a home based business to survive and flourish.

Start up cost for an ebay account are minimal.

Because of technological innovations in tools and delivery systems available via the Internet, running a home based business is a viable alternative to working for someone else. The home business market thrives on the Ebay business model. The online auction website helps the new business owner make the transition from employer to boss easy.

The desire of individuals on a large scale to want to start a home-based business is not as much a revolution as it is an evolutionary process that has come full circle. Ebay allows home based businesses the flexibility and the potential income that few other online opportunities can offer.

Ebay merchants own and operate their own business while creating their own unique workplace environments.

Ebay offers the best chance for a new home based business to succeed. Some entrepreneurs start their online business with ebay and then leverage their profits to create other businesses. But ebay provides the basic work at home business model that really proves that working from home can be profitable.

Ken Shorey is owner/webmaster of http://ez-work-at-home.net . For more information about starting an eBay business, visit Make Money On eBay .


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