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Laurie Hayes

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Last week I encouraged readers of my ezine to write down their goals for the year and to list the things they would absolutely not tolerate anymore in their life.

I lead the way by posting my goals on my blog and readers followed suit by posting their goals and dreams.

Goals ranged from losing weight, to learning new skills, to breaking free from their jobs, to making millions of dollars in their businesses.

Not everyone is comfortable posting to a blog and oftentimes readers choose to send e-mail instead.

A few days after the exercise, one reader wrote congratulating me on the goals I had set for myself. She went on to say her goals weren't as big as any of the others posted so she decided not to participate.

That note made me wonder how many others were afraid to share their goals because they felt they weren't worthy of recognition.

I dashed off an e-mail to the reader and included a mini lesson on the Law of Relativity. I'd like to share this law with you as well as you consider your hopes and dreams for the future.

The Law of Relativity decrees that nothing is good or bad, big or small, near or far, fat or thin, rich or poor, unless it is compared to something.

For example, take the room you're sitting in right now. Is it big or small? Your answer will obviously depend on what you're comparing it to. If you're in a home office, you would probably say the room is small if comparing it to your living room.

And if you're in your living room, you may say it's big or small depending on someone else's living room you're comparing it to.

Your house might be small compared to Oprah's, but huge compared to many others.

You may be considered poor in the eye of Donald Trump, but rich beyond your wildest dreams to someone living in Africa.

The Law of Relativity affirms that everything just “is". It doesn't become one thing or another until you compare it to something else and it's up to you to decide what you want to compare it to.

If you begin relating your circumstances and experiences to something far worse, your situation will always appear superior and what a powerful place to work from.

In the case of my reader who felt her goals weren't worthy of sharing, she is in the top 20 percent of the world population for health, wealth, freedom, opportunity and comfort. She has the benefits of technology, a health care system, clean running water, a roof over her head, transportation, full use of her body, and friends and family who care for her.

She is rich and the world is her oyster yet she sets inconsequential goals (in her mind) to those of others.

As you look at your life as it is today and consider where you would like to be, I encourage you to – from this moment forward – relate all events, people and circumstances in a way that empowers you.

Suspend all judgment and accept that your situation just “is. "

Everything you need to succeed is here for you and once you stop looking at the glass as half empty, you'll start to see the potential and possibilities that are right in front of you.

Once you apply the Law of Relativity to your life from a positive perspective, it's like taking a 50-pound sack of potatoes off your back. Your spirit lifts and the world becomes a brighter place. You can be, do and have anything you set your mind to and it becomes easier to reach your goals.

Evaluate your situation today and relate it to the rest of the world from a positive standpoint. You'll be amazed by how it makes you feel and the impact it has on moving you towards a bigger, better life than you ever thought possible.

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