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A little known Internet business that can potentially earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars happens to be something not many people have heard of. This is the business of domain name selling.

The domain name of Diamond.com allegedly sold for $7.5 million. The buyers of Vodka.com disclosed their price at $3 million. Now do not get too excited; domain names that sell for this amount of money are few and far between. It all depends on timing, which next big company wants to buy it, and just how much they are willing to pay for it.

There are a lot of factors you have to consider when deciding whether or not jumping into the huge domain name pool is the best business for you or not. Just like any business, buying and selling domains has its risks as well as its benefits. And you cannot go into the business blind. Many people start up quickly, get overly excited, buy a number of domain names that no one else wants, and find themselves out of the money they spent and now the owners of domain names they do not know what to do with. There are some basic points you need to be aware of when it comes to the domain name business.

1. ) Research. Aside from the basics, knowing a lot of specific domain name terms and details will aide you during your early days. “Domainers” is typically the term used for domain buyers and sellers. Traffic means the amount of visitors a domain or website receives and can be type-in, expired, or some other type. Look into domain name appraisal so you can have some idea how much your domains are worth once you obtain them. There are a lot of specifics to acquaint yourself with – and if you do not already know what a domain name is, you may want to find out.

2. ) Money. First and foremost, you will need a startup budget in order to buy domain names. Obtaining a domain can be fairly simple or quite a struggle depending upon which domain name you want to buy. You can either create entirely new domains, buy old ones that are no longer in use, or buy domains owned by other people. Each domain will have a price, some higher than others. Knowing what you plan to spend can make a big difference when deciding what domains to buy.

3. ) Picking the right names. There are plenty of good domain names out there – and there are also plenty of completely useless ones. Some domain names are generic, that is, they encompass a large buyer base. Diamond.com and Vodka.com are good examples of generic domains. The trick is trying to find the domains that are money-makers. There are a lot of tips you can use when picking your way through the domain name orchard. Prefixes, suffixes, acronyms, typo domains, and niche markets are just a few worth mentioning. Do your research; promptly buying up a domain name of Ladies89482.com will not get you anything. You are going to want to know why.

4. ) Know what to do with them. Once you buy domain names, you cannot just sit back and expect things to happen. There are various things you can do with your new domains to get them sold or make yourself some extra cash. You can park your domains with specific sites that will then place ads on the page people see when they visit your domain. If they click these ads, you get money. Many of these domain parking websites also offer selling services. Think in terms of eBay only specifically for domain names and regulated much better. The key items to remember for your domains are that they need to build traffic and Internet presence in order to get more notice from potential buyers.

5. ) Reinvest. After you have made a certain percentage of profit (depends upon what you want that percentage to be; everyone’s portfolio is different), buy more domain names in order to keep your new business growing and earning you money. Like any business with products, the domain names are your products, so once you run out of them, you will not be making any more money. With the profit you make, you may be able to expand and buy more domains than before. Some people have done domain name selling for so long, websites that offer domain registration like GoDaddy.com also offer bulk registration; 50 domain names minimum.

Most people who start out selling domains may only make $10 on their first crop of names, but as you continue to work at the trade, understand the market, and enhance your skills, the right domains can easily work their way into the $10,000 or even $1,000,000 range. Remaining steadfast and dedicated are the keys to succeeding, and with millions of domain names on the Internet ripe for the picking, there is no reason for you to loose out on a piece of the pie.

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