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A lot of the people that are trying to successfully work from home are people making the transition from the ‘job’ world. Be it corporate America or any other field, most people are used to having a schedule set out for them, a list of duties and tasks prepared for them, and an annual & semi-annual review process required of them to determine their raises and bonuses.

So of those three things, how many do you think these same people carry over to their own home-based business ventures? That’s right, ZERO!

Unfortunately, in a job environment these things can be unpleasant, and some tend to rebel against them. However, as an entrepreneur they are absolutely necessary.

First of all, they don’t have to be unpleasant. Since you’re your own boss, be creative and make things fun for yourself. One huge breakthrough I had with my own business is when I realized that I was making things tough on me because I had that mentality. I realized from watching my father working long hours as a kid, and coming home stressed, I felt that if I was not also working long hours to the point of stress and frustration (sounds silly) that I was not truly working.

That’s nonsense, and you know it. Keep things simple, and keep your schedule as light and to the point as possible – and have fun!

But you do need to schedule your days, and review your performance. I’m going to talk about scheduling here. Look for another article on the other things mentioning, or simply email me and I’ll send it to you. One huge mistake we need to avoid is going into every day without a clear idea of what we have to do. If we go into every day and just ‘wing it’, we’re never going to get anywhere. We’ll probably just end up doing busy work most of the time, and avoiding the real work that will make us money.

Contrary to what you may thing, people don’t like to think. For the most part. There’s no point n fighting it, just go with it and learn how to make it work for you. Your business will take off once you’re able to get into a rhythm and keep that rhythm for an extended period of time.

Sit down and write out your one year goal for your business – be as detailed and descriptive as you can. (FYI you can use this technique for any area of life, we’re just going to talk about business here). Take that one year goal and break it down to six months. Then three months, then one month.

Once you have that one month goal, you have something that is very short term, almost immediate to shoot for. Break that down into the necessary weekly goals necessary to reach the one month goal. Then take those weekly targets, and break them down into the necessary daily tasks.

Once a week – I do it on Sunday evening, sit down with a planner and map out the upcoming week. Fill out exactly what you need to do each day at what time. Be specific.

Don’t say ‘make sales calls’, write down ‘make 30 sales calls’.

Don’t say ‘work on Ad Groups’, write down ‘create 15 new Ad Groups on cell phones’. Get the idea?

The more detailed and thorough you are in the beginning, the less thinking you’ll have to do during the week, and the less chance there is of something falling through the cracks.

Now, Monday through Saturday comes and goes, and you’re able to wake up each day and just look at your planner and know exactly when and what you have to do. No thinking or figuring out ‘what should I do today?’ This is how you’ll get into a rhythm.

To your success!

Adel M Refai

Adel is an online marketer, a marketing coach, and a fundraising consultant whose passion is teaching others how to market their businesses for profit; teaching the importance of combining a system with the correct mindset for success.

For business ideas and current opportunities to work with him, please visit his website below.

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