Be Wise, Do Not Compromise

Roger Vincent

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This article is not intended to teach you about how to get a business started, how to promote, or how to sell a business. It is about common sense thinking intended to help you keep what you already have and to help you find the most practical means for you to earn extra income.

Beware of the predators. A predator does not have to be any one person, or group of persons running a business that actually intends to scam others. While there are people who know that they are just scamming unsuspecting people, there are others who take advantage of person's lack of knowledge and impatience to make a better life for themselves. You often hear through various media, tv, radio, magazines and papers about all kinds of money making ventures started by people who claim they know the ends and outs of business and entrepreneurship and some of these people are legitimate. Here is the catch. This is how they make their money. Once you get into the venture and purchase your kit they make their money even if you never invest another penny. Hence if I sell a thousand kits for 29.95, I have made quite a killing. So the more people I convince the more money I make.

Who are the people that seek these type of ventures? They are common, hard working people like you and me. The people who cook up these so called businesses know this. No lazy, shiftless, drifter or freeloader is going to have the money or the time to get into this type of venture and a career person already has the means in place to advance in their jobs. So what can you do to avoid getting into such a business whether it's on the internet or through traditional means?

Apply common since, everyday thinking as you would when approaching any situation. Do you have the mental, and physical capacity to do the training and the work involved in preparing you to do the job and benefit from it? Can you afford the money to invest even if it's a small amount. Are there any rules that come into play after you join a free or low paying venture? Lots of people do not even tell you of the complex and complicated rules in addition to owning or having part ownership of a business and the additional rules that they tack on to their own regulations governing their business. So you could find yourself over your head before you even get heavily involved. Even if you opt out you may be left with residual debt you created without even knowing you did it because, you either did not read the agreements or were not being allowed to read the rules until you joined. Even a B. B. B. high rating can be deceitful. A company can be in business for only a short time, let's say six months, having joined the Better Business Bureau without any complaints.

Let's look at a hypothetical situation. You go into an automatic vending machine business venture, you do all the research and you find that the company is going to help you get vending machines, you call the companies that want to buy or rent these machines but you find out that you did not have the necessary permits or licenses. That is one small scenario. Believe me it could be much worse.

So what can a frustrated person do to better their lives for themselves and their family? Whether you want to own a hard, tangible, business meaning a physical business or an intangible business where you really do not handle anything physically, know the ends and outs of it. Settle yourself down and be prepared to read, study, and train. Also talk with people who are already in business for themselves and are willing to share their knowledge. Get an extra job. Invest, in small, affordable investments. Some companies will let you buy shares in their stock for a small startup fee and a small recurring cost. There are lots of successful companies that you know about and use that provide you with this stock. Low yield investments such as certificates of deposits, savings bonds, and money markets offered by financial institutions are a good source of low risk, low yield investments to name a few. You can join in a payroll savings plan through your job. You would have to go to your Human Resources Department to see if this is offered through your job.

Be wise, do not compromise. Until you have the time and the money to apply yourself do not jump in a pit of lions ready to devoir you. Do not risk money you do not have in your budget or take money from your savings you could need. Big risks call for applied thinking, the willingness, to learn, and the means of obtaining enough capitol to start the initial investment. It is better that you should have a little that you work hard for than to loose it all though a lack of applied thinking, impatience, and careless foolish gambling by just jumping in blindly into a situation.

Let's some it up. Get an additional part time job, find out what you are capable of, apply yourself to your intentions by learning getting advice, and by using small, proven steps to help you gain more income such as small shares of successful stocks and bonds, certificates of deposits, and a regular savings account.

You know I was once told by a telemarketer that I had no backbone. I took it like a grain of salt. Because I knew I had the back bone to tell her that I was not going to let a pushy sales person who could stand to gain a commission allow me to get into something I was not going to be informed about because of the low startup costs. Act in your own interests, not in what impresses others. When you loose it does not matter whether anyone else does or not. Your consequences are your own and you will have to answer to them.

Roger Vincent is a person who believes in the common since approach in learning, solving problems, and becoming successful. His articles are based on philosophy, some research, and his own experiences. He has dedicated his website to helping others build self esteem, success, and a better all around life through articles that he writes and he finds on directories like this one. His web url is


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